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Author: Canadian Diva…and I don’t mean a passport around the Epcot World Showcase!

Fellow Canucks, gone are the days when we could enter the US border with a mere birth certificate in hand. If you plan on visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you will need a passport. Here are some important tips to make your border crossing more enjoyable and get your Disney vacation started off on the right foot.

All Canadians 16 years of age or older must complete the ADULT General Passport Application. You can download the latest version on their website You can also pick up the ADULT Passport Application forms at your local post office (It is the Darker Blue Colour Print Form). For the ADULT General Passport Application, you will need to complete the form in full as well as provide Two (2) Identical photos (taken within the last 12 months) with a Guarantor to sign the back of one of the photos. The Guarantor will also need to sign the application form as well, to state your identity and you will need proof of your Canadian Citizenship and provide Documents to Support your identity.
On the forms as well as on the website it lists the qualifications of a Guarantor can be. The forms on the website has a list of the Documents needed to prove Canadian Citizenship and documents to support your identity. You can apply in person at your nearest Passport office or Mail in your application.
Diva Tip: If you are able to get to a Passport Office, it is worth the wait in line. The Officials will tell you if you have the right documents, the correct photo, and if the application is filled out properly. If you mail your forms, and there is anything completed incorrectly in your application, you might have to wait longer with back and forth information being sent out. When applying to a passport office, we have usually received our passports in less than 2 weeks.
ALREADY HAVE A PASSPORT? Will it expire soon?
No need to go through all the hassle, there is an Adult SIMPLIFIED RENEWAL passport application. The most recent version can be downloaded from (You can also pick up this form from your local Post Office – it is a light Blue/Green Colour Print Form)As long as your passport has the same name, was issued within the last 6 years and has been valid for 5 years, it is not damaged, has never been lost or stolen, you can apply without a Guarantor. You simply need to complete both sides of the form, take Two (2) Identical photos (photo restrictions and instructions are mentioned on the website as well as on the form). With this simplified process you do not need your photos signed, since you will be sending your current passport in. Don’t make the mistake like I did! Apply in the fifth year, before your passport expires, you will save a lot of time and hassle with the Adult SIMPLIFIED RENEWAL Application. (I had to start the whole process again when I could have just sent my old passport with the simplified forms in before it expired)

Children under 16 are also required to carry their own passport when traveling. Canadian citizens are no longer allowed to bring children into the United States with just their birth certificate. You can download a recent CHILD General Passport application form at You may also pick up the CHILD General Passport Application at your nearest Post Office (it is the Olive Green Colour Print Form).Your Child will also need have two (2) identical photos taken from the same image and a Guarantor must sign One of the photos as well as the application form. Again, please see the website or application forms for whom qualifies as Guarantor.

If your child has a different last name than you, and you are traveling alone with him/her, it is advisable to bring a copy of the LONG FORM birth certificate (the certificate issued to all children in Canada when they are born) which states both parents’ names. If you have custody of the child, provide documents of your custody rights as well.
If you are not the legal guardian (grandparent/aunt/uncle/friend) bringing a child to Disney World or Disneyland, it is advisable to also have a copy of the LONG FORM below and a written consent from the parents or legal guardian, to show to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) – Border Officials. The letter should contain telephone numbers in case the parents and/or legal guardian can be contacted. This applies also when entering back into Canada. See Canada Border Services Agency for more information
NOTE: Passports for children UNDER 3 years old, the maximum period of validity is 3 years.
For Children 3 to 15 years old, the maximum period of validity is 5 years.
Make sure, before you even start to plan your Disney Trip that your child’s passport is VALID!!
Any other documentations that prove to be legitimate, you will find extremely helpful or else you will be asked a lot of questions, narrowing your time to perhaps enjoy your trip.

Diva Tip: Again, if possible, apply in person for your child, at your local passport office and MAKE SURE you have ALL the valid documents ready. I have seen many moms with crying babies in strollers, waiting in line with their documents only to be sent away and told to come back again with the proper information and documents.
There is a FEE for all Passport Applications. If you are Canadian yet applying from the US, please be aware the fee is higher. To see current application fees visit http://http// trust me, all this hard work is well worth it to be able to enjoy Disney World or Disneyland with the whole family!