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Author: The Fashionista Diva
Cape May Café is located at one of my favorite hotels, Disney’s Beach Club. I wanted to book a character breakfast for my 25th birthday but I was apprehensive. It was the first time I would be attending a character breakfast as a strict vegan.  

I looked at the menu and did not see many options for me. This made me feel discouraged. However, when I called to book the reservation they assured me they would be able to accommodate me. 

The day of our breakfast, I was worried I wouldn’t get my money’s worth of food. I sat down and the waiter noticed our receipt said I was a vegan. He told my husband he could go up the bar and make and plate, and he asked me to be seated and he would be back momentarily. He came back about five minutes later with the head chef! He introduced himself and even asked how strict of a vegan I was. He walked me around the buffet line to point out all the things that were vegan friendly. I informed him that as a vegan I can’t eat from a buffet due to cross contamination. He quickly informed me they would make everything fresh in the back. I started picking out a plethora of food options that could be made vegan just for me.
 I sat back down at the table and my wonderful husband waited for me before he began eating. In about 15 minutes the waiter delivered 3 plates full of food. I was so shocked when I saw Mickey shaped waffles. I thought for sure it was a mistake. The waiter informed me that they carry a vegan batter. I have never been so pleased with Disney. They went out of their way to accommodate me.
The food was delicious. My husband could not even tell a difference between the regular and vegan waffles! The waiter even said I could have as many as I wanted as it was intended to be a buffet breakfast.

 I can say without a doubt it was well worth the price. You received ample time with all the characters and can get multiple pictures. I recommend any vegan or vegetarian who has been reluctant to reserve a character breakfast to do so on you next trip! Disney has made it easy to be a vegetarian or vegan at all the parks, resorts, and even special dining shows/events!