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Casey Jr. Circus Train
By D’land Diva

At the edge of Fantasyland, across from the Village Haus restaurant and next to the old favorite Dumbo ride, sits Casey Jr. Circus Train. This was one of the original rides on Disneyland’s opening day in 1955. Originally, the train cars were supposed to sit on the King Arthur’s Carousal ride.

Casey Jr. is the train from the Dumbo movie, so it makes sense that it sits next to the Dumbo ride. Both rides are known to have long lines, but Casey’s line moves fairly quickly- especially when there are two trains on the track! Each train takes a fair amount of passengers, who can choose whether to sit in a sleigh type car or an animal cage. If you have young kids, the chances are pretty good they will want to sit in the animal cage cars.

The ride takes you on a short visit over the Storybook canals. It has a fun narrative, largely filled with the catchy Casey Jr. song from the movie Dumbo. There is even a hill in which we hear Casey saying “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” just like the Little Engine that Could.

The ride is set to an even pace as it chugs over small hills, around short bends and over the Storybook Canals. When it comes down from a hill, it feels like it may pick up some speed, but it is by no means fast. It is fun to wave to the guests on the Storybook Canal boats when you see them on the ride below the train. The duration of the ride is no more than five minutes, although the line wait time is normally around 20 minutes or so. For Disneyland standards, this is not a terrible wait. On more crowded days it can be a 45 minute wait or more.

Disney Diva Tip: While waiting in line, play the eye-spy game. There are many things to see, and many details around the ride. There are elephants on posts, pretty colored flowers and of course, you can spot Casey Jr. as he chugs around the “mountain.”

The line is mostly in the sun, with only one tree for shade, so plan accordingly. Wheelchairs and scooters may enter the exit of the ride and transfer to the ride.

 Disney Diva Tip: Go for the seats in the caboose. You can ride forward or backward! Two guests to each seat.

The next time you are in Fantasyland and are looking for a fun ride, check out Casey Jr.!