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By Soarin’ Diva

Hot Dogs at Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

The entrance to Casey’s Corner

Everyone has that one quick service restaurant they make sure to visit at least once on their Walt Disney World vacation. We have several, but one of our favorites at Magic Kingdom is Casey’s Corner. Casey’s Corner is located to the left, on the corner as the name implies, as you enter Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The theming of Casey’s Corner is based on of the Casey at the Bat poem written by Ernest Lawrence Thayer in 1888, and you can even see the date of 1888 on the sign above the entrance.

Casey's Corner quick service sign / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Sign above Casey’s Corner

Our family is really into baseball anyway, and we love hot dogs too, so for us, this dining plan friendly quick service restaurant was definitely on our list of favorites. We aren’t the only one’s who love Casey’s Corner though, if you don’t get there early, you will find that it is one quick service restaurant that stays busy and tables can be hard to find.

Entrance to Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Entrance to Casey’s Corner

As you enter the restaurant, you will notice the entryway flanked by two statues of baseball players. That’s only the beginning of the baseball theming in this joint. From the red and white pin striped walls, to the many, many old baseball artifacts flanking every shelf and available wall, you can’t miss the feeling that you have entered good old Mudville. The Cast Members are even clothed in old-fashioned baseball “uniforms” as well.

Ordering at Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Ordering at Casey’s Corner

Inside Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner décor

The seating can be tricky. If it’s hot and you were hoping to sit inside, you had better get there when the restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m. Indoor seating goes very quickly, as the dining area indoors isn’t large enough to seat many families. There are a few small tables as well as a narrow bar to sit at, but again, the seats go quickly.

Casey's Corner, Magic Kingdom quick service restaurant / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Back entrance to Casey’s Corner

Eating at Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Outside tables at Casey’s Corner

If you didn’t make it in time to get an indoor seat, there are several more tables outside the restaurant, each with an umbrella to shade you from the hot sun. If you are lucky, you can time your meal so as you eat you can enjoy the sound of rag time music being played by Jim at the piano. The seating outside is nice, but if I have one negative thing to say about Casey’s Corner, it’s only that I feel that all the tables are much too small to spread all your food out on, especially if you have more than two in your party.

Hot Dogs at Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner hot dogs

Now let’s get to the good stuff…the food. Personally, my favorite item to order are the corn dog nuggets. The nugget meal suits me perfectly as it’s not so much food that attempting to eat it can be overwhelming, it’s a perfectly sized portion for me. My husband and two teenage sons, however, require more sustenance than I do, and usually order the foot long hot dogs.

Casey’s Corner has also started featuring a hot dog of the month, a new tasty concoction that isn’t offered on the regular menu. On our most recent trip, the hot dog of the month was the buffalo chicken foot long. My oldest son decided to try this one and he enjoyed it very much, devouring it much quicker than I possibly could with his 16-year-old stomach matching the challenge with ease. Due to a miscommunication, I ended up with a foot long chili cheese dog along with my husband and our other son. I could only manage to eat about half of mine before I had to throw up the white flag due to being incredibly full, but I have to say, it tasted delicious. For dessert, Casey’s offers Cracker Jacks as well as huge bags of cotton candy. I chose to forego dessert because I was so full, but my husband and sons love cotton candy, so they usually opt for that.

Hot Dogs at Casey's Corner, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Hit One Out Of The Park At Casey's Corner

Foot Long Buffalo Chicken dog from Casey’s Corner

A few years ago, patrons of Casey’s Corner were also able to get  small cups with hot cheese sauce at the toppings bar, but sadly, they removed the cheese sauce to the massive disappointment to many, many people. The sauce was a delicious way to upgrade the french fries that come with the meals, or pour over the hot dogs or corn dog nuggets. Many of us were devastated by the loss of the cheese sauce. Within the last week, however, it has been announced that Casey’s is bringing the cheese sauce back. Instead of it being offered at the topping bar where patrons can pour what they want, though, you now have to order it with your meal and you have to pay a dollar extra for it. We say the cost is worth it and we, as well as many other Casey’s Corner enthusiasts, are excited and celebrating the return of the cheese!

So if you have been wondering where to get the best hot dog at Walt Disney World, for our family, it’s definitely Casey’s Corner. The food combined with the theming makes it a huge hit for us! Also remember that Casey’s Corner is on the dining plan at Walt Disney World, and even if you aren’t using the dining plan, the price of the meals is pretty reasonable so as to stay on budget.

I can offer you a Disney Diva Tip for dining at Casey’s Corner, especially if you have a child. Make sure you get to the entrance before 11:00am. Every day at the restaurant’s opening, the Cast Members will come out to lead the crowd in singing, “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Before they come out, a child will be chosen to help open the restaurant by throwing out the first pitch. It’s a cute and fun way to open the restaurant, and whichever child gets to throw the pitch is sure to have a great time doing it. After all this is done, Cast Members will usually also hand out bags of Cracker Jacks to the kids in the crowd waiting to get in, so there is a bonus to getting there early!

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