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Author: Cast Member Diva

Disney is a wonderful place to capture memories of your kids skipping up Main Street, meeting the characters, and of course smiling faces covered in chocolate eating a Mickey mouse ice cream.

Everyone wants a photo of their children at the Disneyland front entrance of the Floral Mickey with the train station in the background, as well as in front of the Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Getting these photos with the whole family could mean trusting a stranger with your camera and praying to the tiki gods that the shot is centered, straight and not cutting off the top of the castle, or your head for that matter! That’s where the Photopass photographers come in handy. How do I know? Well, you never know, I might BE the one taking your picture that day (just another reason to be extra nice to Cast Members, huh?)

You can find Photopass photographers (PP) all over the park ready, willing and able to help you capture all your memories AND include YOU in the photo. No longer will you have to take two photos of the same location, one with mom and the kids and, one with dad and the kids. Now the entire family can be in the photo thanks to a Photopass photographer!

CAST-MEMBER DIVA TIP: Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer to take a photo on your camera, after all that’s what they’re trained to do. And while you’re at it, you might be surprised to get one on their camera too.

For those not familiar with Photopass let me give you a brief summary of their service.

– They’re are ideal photo shots all over the parks. Normally you’ll find a Photopass photographer with characters and in front of the well-known icons like the front entrance, town square, and the castle.

– They will take your families photo and then scan the photo onto a plastic Photopass card that you carry around in your pocket till you encounter the next photographer. You’ll hand the card over to the PP before your photo is taken and get it back when through.

CAST-MEMBER DIVA TIP: Pick up your PP card from the photographer at the front entrance with the floral Mickey if you’re at Disneyland or the first one you come to walking down Main Street at Disney World on your FIRST DAY. This way you don’t waste time (or pictures) down the road. Also, make sure every adult in your party has a photo-pass. You can combine them all into one account and this way if you separate ways for a while you don’t miss out on any awesome pictures.

– You can see your pictures multiple ways: During your visit you can head over to the Photo Supply store on Main street to view your photos and/or purchase them if you’d like. There is no obligation to purchase any photo if you are not satisfied. Prices vary according to the size. And the best part: you’re photos are online so you don’t have to view them in the park, you can go home and view and purchase them online if you choose. The photos stay on the card for 30 days. The card works in Disnelyand AND California Adventure as well as all four of the Disney World parks too and is good every time you come for a visit.

Diva Tip: Before you go on your trip pre-purchase your Disney PhotoCD at for $99.95 and let them click away (IT will cost $150 if you buy it POST vacation!!). Every picture taken, even if they’re on multiple cards, can be loaded onto that CD, which will be sent to you and you can print as many as you want at your own convenience. This is a huge money saver ESPECIALLY if you’re going with a large group and can split the cost of the CD between multiple families. Pre-order! You’re going to want these pictures.

Just to give you an idea of what the pictures cost if you buy them individually, instead of a CD, WDW info says that prices are currently:

  • $12.95 – 5×7 Print
  • $22.95 – 2 copies of the same 5×7
  • $29.95 – 3 copies of the same 5×7 ($9.95 per additional pix)
  • $14.95 – 2 copies of the same 4×6
  • $16.95 – 8×10 Print
  • Single 4″x6″ prints of PhotoPass are not available.

So you can see how the CD pays off since you can litereally load hundereds of pictures on the CD and print them on your own printer or by using a local photo-printer such as Wal-Mart or Snapfish.

Look at what the photographers are wearing and ask where the next one is located; normally around town square with a character or on the center island facing the castle. So be on the lookout for the photographers around the park. And don’t be afraid to ask the photographer if they can do a magic shot with you holding Tinkerbelle! You can see more samples of magic shots at THIS post.

Take advantage of Photopass! It will make your Disney vacation even more magical, and be nice to Cast-Members. I may be the next one you encounter!