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by Daisy Diva

Everybody knows that even the most economical trip to Disney World is going to put a pretty big dent in your budget.  But not everyone knows that there are lots of things to do on Disney property that are completely free.  One of those things is Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-long at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campsites.  Our family decided to give the sing-a-long a shot during a recent trip, and here’s our experience… which unfortunately is only a partial experience.

Upon our arrival via ferry to Fort Wilderness, we took a bus to the bus stop where we could easily walk over the outdoor theater where the campfire and sing-a-long take place.  There were two fire pits with fires going when we arrived.  I had brought some graham crackers, Hershey bars, marshmallows, and some straightened out coat hangers from home.  (I only looked slightly crazy dragging those long wire hangers onto the bus!) But if you don’t want to bring your own s’mores supplies, they have kits for sale at the Chuck Wagon directly behind the seats of the theater for about $10.  And yes, they did sell just roasting sticks for pennies on the dollar, so next time we go, I will ditch the metal hangers and buy their sticks to use with my own marshmallows.



After roasting some marshmallows and chowing down on some s’mores our family hunted down a spot to watch the show.  It was about the start and most of the seats were taken, but we were able to find an empty row in the very back.


Then things got very exciting for my family.  A cast member approached up as we were getting seated and explained that they chose a family every night to escort Chip and Dale to the stage.  He then proceeded to ask if we wanted to be that family.  Cue me basically acting like I had just been crowned Miss America–crazy smile, waving my hands and fanning my face like a lunatic.  The cast member made sure to save our seats and then walked us over to a small cabin behind the bleachers to wait for our private meet and greet moment with Chip and Dale before the sing-a-long started.

While we were waiting, a cowboy playing a guitar took the stage and started playing some fun campfire tunes.  Now comes the part where this review becomes “partial.”  Apparently lightning was detected in the area which meant the campfire sing-a-long would have to be cancelled for the night.  I’ll admit…I was devastated.  But we still got to have our private meet and greet with the most mischievous woodland creatures in all of Florida.  They came out, gave us all hugs, posed for some pictures and gave us an autographed photo of themselves before returning to the cabin.


We, and all the other guests, were quickly ushered away from the theater area to return to a safe place away from any inclement weather.  Typically the campfire sing-a-long includes lots of fun campfire songs while Chip and Dale mingle around the theater greeting people and taking pictures.  Once the sing-a-long is over, they play a classic Disney movie on the outdoor giant screen.


Even though I didn’t get to fully experience this event, I would still highly recommend it.  It’s the perfect way to end a restful day between park visits or to wrap up the evening after a half-day in a park.  Chip and Dale really are such a blast!

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