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By Dopey Diva

    I know a lot of people feel like parts of Animal Kingdom are similar to going to their local zoo and don’t bother to try new places when they are there. I had never been to Conservation Station until my most recent trip to Disney World. I, too, had felt there was always something better to see or ride instead of spending time riding a train to the Conservation Station just to see more animals.  Turns out I was wrong! There is much more to see and do in this area and I will definitely go back again.

In order to get to the Conservation Station you will need to take a ride on the Wildlife Express train from the Harambe area. You are able to take strollers with you, just make sure you fold them down before boarding the train. If you are in a wheelchair/ ECV you may remain seated in them for the train ride.

The Conservation Station, located in Africa at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, is basically the Animal Kingdom’s veterinary and conservation headquarters. In this building you will be able to see how animals are cared  for plus find a few hands on activities, which is great for the little ones who are tired of being pushed around in a stroller and are ready to run around for a little bit. There is also an area for a meet and greet with Rafiki, which normally does not have a long wait time.

There are several different areas where your family will be able to check out how things work behind the scenes at the Animal Kingdom:

  1. Animal Encounters Stage- This is a place to peek into the habitats of certain animals.
  2. Song of Rain forest- Here you are able to take an audio journey of a rain forest and listen to sounds of nature.
  3. Amphibian & Reptile windows- You are able to view certain types of amphibians and reptiles.
  4. Nutrition Center- This is where you can watch as meals are prepared for park animals.
  5. Backstage Tour –This area allows you to use an “animal cam” to view certain park animals in their backstage habitat.
  6. Wildlife Tracking Center-Actual scientists work in this area to study and learn about wildlife around the world.
  7. Veterinary Treatment Center-Here you are able to look through the window at how animals are being treated and rehabilitated from an injury.      

 Once you have looked into everything the Conservation Station has to offer go outside to the Affection Station. This is the Animal Kingdoms own little petting zoo. Here you are able to pet and brush goats and sheep. This can be great fun for little ones in your group. Don’t worry, they have a hand washing station for when you are through. So if you are at the Animal Kingdom looking for something new to try make sure you check out the Conservation Station, you won’t be disappointed.