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By: Disneylove Diva

IMG_0288Here at Tips from the Disney Diva, we are supposed to give our completely honest opinion on all things Disney. It is my honest opinion that the Coral Reef Restaurant at EPCOT is not worth the tons of money that you will spend on it. It is way over-priced for what little bit of food that you get. Don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere is fantastic. The giant aquarium is an awesome thing to look at while eating dinner, but that’s really the only good thing about it.

As far as food, there isn’t much to choose from. We ate there for dinner and I didn’t even order anything. I just nibbled on what my mom ordered. She ordered some baked chicken, which was okay, but a little dry. I’m really not sure what my dad ordered, but I know that it was literally a whole fish- Which really creeped me out because it was staring at me. We ordered those two meals, three drinks, and a shrimp appetizer. That’s it. It cost over $100… without the tip! That is really expensive considering what little bit of food you receive. I could understand if all three of us had ordered something, but I didn’t order anything except a drink. That is very high-priced for two people to eat chicken and fish.







The one good thing about this restaurant is the aquarium that you get to sit in front of while you eat. So really you are paying for entertainment, not food. But that is still too expensive for me. I really enjoyed being able to look at all of the fish since I didn’t eat anything. We sat right beside the glass of the aquarium which was very neat to see.


The other thing that irritated me about the restaurant, were the people who kept letting their kids run up to the glass to see the fish. That’s fine to let them go up to the glass and look, but take them somewhere where people aren’t eating. I can’t tell you how many kids hit me or bumped into my chair when I was trying to relax. It’s good to have fun and enjoy the aquarium, but remember this is still a restaurant, please treat it as such. Take them to the aquarium right beside The Seas with Nemo and Friends. There you can stand, take pictures, and let your kids really see the fish. Just please be courteous to those who are eating dinner please.



So it is pretty obvious that this isn’t my favorite restaurant at EPCOT at all. There isn’t much to eat for adults or kids. I looked on the kids’ menu to see if there was something that I would eat, and there wasn’t. I really liked being able to watch the fish, but was dumbfounded when we received the check. My opinion is by-pass this restaurant for sure. You are paying a lot of money for a minimal amount of food  and not the best service either. Our waitress was not the best and friendliest of waitresses. Think long and hard before you decide to eat here. It really isn’t the best for families. Again this is all my opinion and some of you may think different. But as always remember to have fun and Disney on.