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by Disney Magic Diva

My family has been to Walt Disney World many times, and for many different reasons.  Christmas festivities, school choir trips, celebrating the new millennium, Star Wars weekend, runDisney events, Halloween parties, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and even just for no reason!  But probably the most frivolous reason we made the 1,400 mile journey is for a haircut.  Leave it to Disney to put extraordinary magic in such an ordinary event!

Children (and adults alike!) can enjoy a haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom Park. Located just inside the front gates next to the fire station, Harmony Barber Shop is quaint and old-fashioned; complete with a red and white striped barber’s pole, a pot-bellied stove and occasional appearances by the Dapper Dans.  Haircuts are reasonably priced starting at $19 for adults and $15 for children 12 and under.  So when the time came for our grandson’s first haircut, we knew there was no choice.  For our little Mouse-loving guy, we had to make an appointment for the My First Haircut package -a mere $19 and guaranteed priceless memory.

We were able to snag an early morning appointment since we knew that time of day was our best chance at having a cooperative little boy. While appointments aren’t required, walk-ins may have a lengthy wait, and we knew that could spell disaster with an 11-month old. (For reservations call (407) 939-7529.)  We arrived a few minutes early to check-in, then waited just outside the Barber Shop since the space inside is extremely limited.  This gave us time to locate a Disney photographer for this once-in-a-Smile watermarklifetime event.

TIP: There are no Disney photographers stationed at Harmony Barber Shop.  If you want to capture the moment with some amazing photos, track down a roaming photographer on Main Street and politely ask if he/she is available to accompany you to the Barber Shop.  We’ve had tremendous success with requests of the Disney photographers, and love their professional photos!

Once it was our turn, our stylist greeted our grandson with a friendly smile and placed him in a booster chair.  She then quickly occupied him with an endless supply of Mickey stickers. These stylists are masters at working with young mousketeers, as we saw others using bubbles or toys to entertain little ones.   While our grandson was enchanted by the stickers, the stylist worked her magic on his hair, professionally coping with his ever-turning head and curiosity over her scissors.

When the haircut was complete, our grandson was presented with his own special ear-hat to commemorate the occasion.  The hat had the words “My 1st haircut” embroidered on the back, so he could proudly display his new style during his day in the park. with hat watermark left He also received a certificate declaring his first haircut had taken place on this day in the Magic Kingdom – perfect for adding to his baby book!  And finally the stylist took extra care to save some of those precious baby locks, gently wrapping them in tissue and adding some magical pixie dust to them, then carefully placing it all in a small organza bag for us to save. Talk about a priceless keepsake!

It may have been indulgent to plan a visit to Walt Disney World just for a haircut, but that’s what grandparents are for, right?  And to us, the memory of this big moment was worth every penny!


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