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Author: Diva Planner

There is a hidden character meal gem in Walt Disney World.

Here’s a hint – it’s in Magic Kingdom. And it’s NOT with Mickey.

It’s the lovely Crystal Palace!

This intricately designed restaurant is one of my favorite character meals on property! (That’s right – my husband and I enjoy character meals, even though we don’t have kids!) Like I stated above – this character meal doesn’t include Mickey. It actually includes Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too! (And Piglet & Eeyore.)
We dined during breakfast and absolutely loved the food! Now, we realize that breakfast is pretty self-explanatory – but there were some fun extras beyond the normal breakfast fare.

This meal is buffet style and has two buffet locations (both serving the same food.) Beyond the amazing fruit spread, there were also eggs, meat, breads and cereal. And let’s not forget these…

A must for every trip!

However, what caught our attention was an area of the buffet geared for kids. And it included one of our favorite dishes. Winnie the Pooh’s own puffed French toast! That’s right – puffed French toast sprinkled in cinnamon sugar.

Beyond the food, we also were greeted at our table by the characters themselves! (Note: it can take at least an hour for all of the characters to cycle to your table – so take your time.) The characters did an excellent job of interacting with us – and all of the families around us.

I highly recommend this restaurant for a great character meal experience for your family!