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By Beauty & the Beast Diva

mk opening 2


You’re in the park, your heart is beating a mile a minute from excitement, and you want to dance and sing? DO IT!  I have a tendency to bust out in dance, as if I’m in a solo flash mob, especially when I’m in Walt Disney World.  Don’t hold back!  Haven’t you seen the YouTube videos of families dancing their way through Disney?! Odds are people will take pictures and other families, cast members, and maybe even characters will join in with you.  It’s contagious! Here is my list of the best places to have a dance party in Disney World, even if it’s just you!  So if you’re looking to be the next YouTube hit or you just want to make some silly memories, do not miss this list! Don’t be shy!  You are on vacation!  Be silly, make memories and dance like no one is watching!  And if you ever see me in the parks, we BETTER have a dance party.

mulch 1Mulch, Sweat and Shears

Okay this band is AMAZING.  You can catch them at Hollywood Studios on their lawn care truck which gets converted into a mini stage.  They play a ton of your favorite hits, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s.  They are my all-time favorite, I always try to see their show at least twice.  My goal is to get pulled up to dance and sing with them (it hasn’t happened yet), but if you ever see me at a show I am dancing and singing in the crowd!

caseyCasey’s Corner Pianist

Tucked behind Casey’s Corner is a piano player in a white suit with a sharp red vest tickling the ivories playing happy swinging ragtime hits and greeting your dancing family with a smile.  My mom has a picture from several years ago  of my sisters dancing along to the pianist.  5 years later, cut to us dancing there again- AND it was the same piano player! Dancing to the pianist is on almost every Disney Bucket List I’ve seen.  Make a request or dance along to the maestro’s choice.  Either way it’s sure to put a smile on your face!

move it 3Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It

                This is the ultimate feel good dance party at the Magic Kingdom.  What are you celebrating?  A birthday?  An engagement?  JUST BEING IN DISNEY?!  It doesn’t matter, get up and dance with your favorite characters!  The parade makes its way down Main St. USA and the music is PUMPING!  You can get into the street with the dancers AND characters.  Who cares what the occasion is, get out there and move it, shake it, and celebrate it.move it 2

Incredibles Super Dance Party

                In Tomorrowland you can catch the Incredibles hosting the BEST dance party in all of Disney World.  They will lead you and your family in some of the coolest hits of today and the most fun line dances in existence.  I mean, doesn’t everyone want to do the Cupid Shuffle with the Incredibles?!  Don’t miss it and have your camera set to video, you don’t want to miss a second!


Are they janitors?  Are they performers?  You don’t know, you don’t care, they are providing you with stomp like beats and you are feeling GREAT!  Stomp, clap or just enjoy the music they provide you with.  It’s so cool!

Tam Tam Drummers

                Because the music bumping through Animal Kingdom isn’t enough, the Tam Tam Drummers truly make you want to party.  And party you will.  They will pull you up to their performance area and make you shake what your Mama gave ya!  They always get me dancing and feeling the music.


MK openingThe Magic Kingdom Park Opening Show                      

I MIGHT search this video on YouTube when I’m having a rough morning, and I definitely sing Good Mornin’ to my daughter EVERYDAY.  Okay, sometimes we watch the YouTube video just for fun.  Nothing kicks of my day at the parks quite like seeing the park opening show at the Magic Kingdom.  Another dream of mine is to be the family selected to help open the park and be up there on the train tracks while the cast members sing Good Mornin’ and wait for Casey Jr. to come down the track with the characters!  Nothing makes me smile more and nothing sets me up for a day of dancing through Disney quite like the park opening.