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By Fantasmic Diva


Dapper Day has once again come to Walt Disney World, and this time it’s taking place at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. This is one of my favorite events held at the Disney Parks even though it is not technically run by the Disney company. Dapper Day seeks to bring its participants back to the age of the 40s and 50s of Hollywood glamour. The inspiration for Dapper Day came from the concept art of Disneyland; in the art, guests would be dressed to the nines for a day at Disneyland, they were dressed to go out, not dressed for comfort as todays Disney Park guests usually are, and I definitely don’t blame them for that! For Dapper Day, there are discounted park tickets available through the Dapper Day website and they have their own special events planned throughout property.

The group of well dressed individuals will be meeting up at 3pm for a trip on the Liberty Belle as it sails through Liberty Square. Next there will be the Island Escapades on Tom Sawyer Island, the island is full of photo ops in the jewel filled caverns and caves! The next event is the Dapper Derby on Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel! This will take place from 7-9pm at the Carousel for a group riding of the attraction. The last scheduled event for the evening is the After Dapper Drinks; there are two different locations for this event, there will be drinks served at both the Mizner’s Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian where there will be jazz music playing until 9:40pm, as well as at the Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Whether you dress in the dapper style for the occasion or not, this is not a day to be missed at the parks! It takes guest back to the beginning days of the Disney parks and makes you feel as though Walt might just be walking around the park that day! I had the pleasure of getting to interview one of the founding members of Dapper Day as well as the Disney Bound movement! Her name is Leslie Kay and she is the creator of Disney Bound. I will let her tell you all about that in her own words!

What is DisneyBounding?

DisneyBounding is when you take trendy clothes use them to create outfits inspired by Disney characters.

What is the connection between Dapper Day and DisneyBound?

There is no official connection between DisneyBound and Dapper Day – however, fans of Dapper Day have seen the fun which can be had with DisneyBounding your Dapper Day look.

What is Dapper Day exactly?

Dapper Day is when attendees of the parks dress in vintage inspired looks, based off of how people used to dress back in the 50’s when Disneyland first started.

Is there a specific theme for Dapper Day?

There is no official theme for Dapper Day other than to be fashionable and awesome

Are there any special discounts for Dapper Day participants?

There are discounts, which can be found at

Is Dapper Day targeted at a specific age range?

Dapper Day is good for any age range.

I participated in Dapper Day with friends of mine in the Fall and hope to attend this coming one as well! I met wonderful people there of all ages and it really makes for an incredible time at the parks! So definitely stop by and if you see me feel free to come up and say hello!!

The websites for both Dapper Day and DisneyBound are listed below! Check em out!