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By: The Budget Diva

The Budget Diva has some great ways to help you decorate your home for the upcoming holidays. If you love Disney like me, then you probably already own a lot of Disney themed holiday decorations. If not, you can find many adorable Disney holiday decorations at many stores- from The Disney Store, to Hallmark, Walmart, Target, and Hobby Lobby.

My first tip is to designate a specific tree to be the “Disney” themed tree. We purchased a small 2 ft tree on sale last year (the after Christmas sale is a great time to pick up discounted items). This tree is  my “Disney” tree. Each time we visit Disney World we purchase a Christmas ornament with the year engraved on the ornament as a special keepsake.

The next tip is coordinate stockings so that they are all Disney themed. I let my children choose their stockings and we re-use them each year. You can find these for the whole family at stores like Target or Walmart for low prices. I try to match my families stockings with our tree skirt. If you are crafty you could even sew your own tree skirt and add an iron on Disney themed applique from a fabric store such as Jo-Ann Fabric. Here is a cute Mickey Mouse applique for only $4.99 at Jo-Ann Fabric.

Another helpful money saving tip is to shop online. There are so many great deals as the holidays approach. If you are looking for a specific Disney themed item, simply Google it and try to find it on sale. The day after Thanksgiving (dubbed the infamous Black Friday) is one of my favorite shopping days of the year. But you won’t catch me out shopping on Black Friday–the key to finding the best deals is to plan, plan, plan! I shop online starting at 10 pm Thanksgiving evening. Most stores release their Black Friday deals online first and you can really benefit from online shopping because you don’t even have to leave the house and the selections aren’t ‘picked over’.

Another fun way to decorate “Disney” is to purchase window clings that are Disney themed and get your children to help place them on the windows. This is a great way to get the children involved in decorating for the holidays. You can also purchase “Disney” wrapping paper for your presents under the tree. We always have Disney themed stocking stuffers, which you can find in the $1 section of Michael’s craft store, $1 section of Target and Walmart also has a lot of inexpensive Disney themed stocking stuffers.

The Budget Diva shops on a budget especially when it comes to the holidays! With three children, every dollar saved counts! Try to create your shopping list and calculate prices prior to shopping. Then look for those items to go on sale as it gets closer to Christmas.

We would love to see pictures of our reader’s Disney themed holiday decorations–submit your pictures and we just might publish them in December for other reader’s to see!