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By Devo CabDisneySatu’li Canteen

In May of 2017, Pandora – The World of Avatar opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and let me tell you, it has been extremely popular. And if you’ve been, I’m sure you can testify to that fact. FastPasses for Pandora’s two attractions, Avatar Flight of Passage, and Na’vi River Journey can often be very hard to snatch. Disney has really outdone themselves with Pandora; and it is even more spectacular at night!

In true Disney style, they couldn’t simply open a new area without all the fine details going all way down to the food! And Satu’li Canteen is an excellent place to see this in action! Satu’li Canteen is a quick service restaurant located in Pandora. It’s open for lunch and dinner from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm. If you have the Disney Dining Plan, this will cost you quick service dining credit.

Satu’li CanteenOne of the things that attracted me to this restaurant is the unique, almost odd plating. I should also mention that not everything is what it appears to be! We went for the Chopped Wood Grilled Chicken Bowl. This entrée is served with your choice of base and sauce. You’ll have several different options here.Satu’li Canteen

We also went for the Cheeseburger Steamed Pods. These Bao Buns are very, very odd. I was most excited for this one! It’s basically a cheeseburger inside Bao Buns and is served with slaw and vegetable chips. This may not be for everyone but I really enjoyed them!  I think it’s worth a try. If you happen to have texture issues or you’re bothered by something not tasting exactly the way you expect them to (think about those jelly beans that taste like popcorn) this might be a problem for you. However, I can have some of these issues. I’ve been completely disgusted by food purely based on its texture and not its taste but I really enjoyed these dishes!

Satu’li CanteenSince it was all over social media, I was also very excited to try the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse! Wow, let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It tastes just as interesting as it looks! The Blueberry cream cheese pairs lovely with the passion fruit curd!

Now this is completely off subject but, before you leave Pandora, you have to go to Pongu Pongu, which is directly across Night Blossomfrom the main entrance of Satu’li Canteen and grab yourself a Night Blossom. These things were all over social media and were kind of their own phenomenon. I ordered a Night Blossom and sipped on that thing for the rest of the day. I feel almost as strongly about these things as I do about Dole Whips. And if you know me, that’s saying something. The Night Blossom is layers of apple and desert pear limeade and topped with boba balls. I have to admit those boba balls weirded me out a little but I they grew on me! These treats can be ordered with a special light called a “Glowing Unadelta Seed” and also in a special souvenir mug for extra effects! Also, if you’re into it, you could also order a Rum Blossom which is basically a Night Blossom with kick! Just try one, you won’t be disappointed!

So as you can, visiting Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has lots of advantages! Not only will you have fun but you’ll also be able to enjoy some great food and drinks!

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