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Author: Diva Viva

In our early 20s, my brother and I decided to tackle this Disney Dream, and from our experience, it is TOTALLY worth it!

The goal was the my brother, who was used to college level drinking, would have a beer at every country (11 in all) and I would have a beer from time to time to join him, but not a full one in every country so that I could document the quest and make sure it didn’t get out of hand in any way. 

We started out in Mexico and made our way around to Canada throughout the afternoon and evening.  We were in WDW without kids and we were staying in a WDW hotel on property, so we knew that if we had to go back to the hotel a little tipsy, it wouldn’t be a problem.  We also made sure we ate along the way and had a sit down meal planned during the drinking excursion so we weren’t drinking on an empty stomach.  We also didn’t have any other expectations for the evening (not even watching Illuminations) so we wouldn’t have any conflicts as we completed our mission.  The other important part was that we planned a good chunk of time.  We weren’t shot-gunning these beers.  We had from around 2 pm until park closing at 9.

In Mexico, my brother got a Corona and I joined in with one as well.  An easy way to start, and a refreshing beer for the afternoon heat.  At the next stop, Norway, had a special imported Norwegian Beer offering.  I had a sip, and it was good, but only my brother had a whole serving.  On to China where he ordered a Chinese beer that I didn’t like that much, but he enjoyed.  In Germany, there were many choices and we got two different ones so that we could try them out.  Italy was next, and unfortunately, no beer was available.  This wasn’t in our plan, but we decided to go with their cheapest white wine offering to keep up the quest.  Not ideal, but it kept us on track.  In America, my brother was very happy to have his all time favorite since we are Bostonians, Sam Adams.  I had a Sam Adams light.  Japan had interesting imported beers we had never heard of before, and at this point, my dad joined up with us so he could hit up his favorite place in Epcot, the saki bar in Japan.  I actually had some saki with him, but my brother stuck with the beer since he was dedicated to finishing off the next 4 drinks to go.  Morocco was unfortunately out of beer.  We couldn’t believe it!  But, since we had already changed out plan in Italy, he opted for another white wine.  In England, we made our way to the Rose & Crown Pub where we spent about an hour enjoying the atmosphere and drinking Guinness (though I had hard cider which I find much more refreshing and much easier on my stomach).  Sadly, though, we spent too long enjoying the Pub because when we got to Canada, their beer stand had closed for the evening.  After drinking 10 drinks from 10 different countries, my brother was devastated!  But, there was nothing we could do.  So, we didn’t actually complete the whole task in one evening.  He actually completed the drinking around the world by having the final Leblatt Blue the next day. 


So here is what we learned:

– It is absolutely necessary to give yourself time for this task!  Do not rush it!  Enjoy World Showcase.  Go to the street shows, visit some character meet-and-greets, shop the world, and eat along the way.  Pacing yourself will keep you safer and help you enjoy your time.

– You will spend money, be ready for that!  Beer and other drinks are not cheap in Epcot and they aren’t on any Dining Plan.

– It is better to try to stick to one type of drink, because as we all know, mixing alcohol can be bad, but as we found out, that isn’t always possible even with beer or wine (though beer was the most widely available)

– Careful of your timing, because Canada might be closed.  Learn from our mistake and make it to all the country booths before closing. 

– It is really worth it, and even more worth it to take photos along the way!  Ours are great.  And you’ll have fabulous bragging rights. 

Enjoy!  And drink safely!
~ Diva Viva