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By D’land Diva

Looking for a fun way to spend some time with the family? How about a Disney Christmas movie or movie marathon? Here is a list of some of my recommendations:

1) Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Mickey and friends share some great stories of Christmas past. One of my favorites and it stars the Fab 5!


2) Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

There are 5 different Christmas episodes from the Fab 5 in this movie which is just a little over an hour long. Great for the littles who like the shorter cartoons.


3) Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s Halloween, it’s Christmas…it’s Hallowmas? Either way, this is a great, creative movie with a Christmas spirit.


4) Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation

A great big thank you to Santa as only our beloved Phineas and Ferb can do.


5) Disney Prep & Landing and Prep & Landing Naughty Vs. Nice

Elves helping Santa! Super cute and funny! Comes in the Total Tinsel Collection.


6) Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas

All the favorite movie characters return with a few new ones to stir up some Christmas magic to make Beast’s Castle come alive again.


7) Santa Paws

Cute puppies at the North Pole? This one is a winner!


8) The Santa Clause (there’s 3 of these movies)

Cute story with Tim Allen as the new “Santa.” Full of laughs and enjoyable for the older kids.


IMG_5767-XL9) Babes in Toyland

Trivia: This film featured some stop motion like animation which became the precursor to computer animation. Also the toy soldiers from this film are featured in the Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland.


10) Mickey’s Christmas Carol

An enjoyable version of the traditional Christmas Carol story.