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By Tinker Boy
The first thing you feel when stepping into the Royal Court restaurant on board the Disney Fantasy is that you are a princess (or prince) walking into the grand ballroom of your palace. The scene is set for a dining experience unlike any other. A beautiful crystal chandelier is at the center of the restaurant, shining light onto the plush carpeting, marble columns and ornate backed dining chairs.
The restaurant is inspired by some of your favorite Disney classic movies such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. Gorgeous tiled mosaics line the walls of the restaurant, each depicting a different wedding scene from these movies.
The Royal Court is one of the rotational dining restaurants that you will attend for dinner. It is also open for a breakfast buffet, if you wish to try that out. When we were on the Fantasy in May, I was still a vegetarian, so I will review the delicious vegetarian meal I had.
I started my meal with the Royal Market Green Salad that was a blend of greens, topped with a warm peppered goat cheese, and drizzled with a light berry vinaigrette. The salad was light, fresh and a great starter. Our meals also started with bread and an olive spread.
For my entree I ordered the seared tofu that was served over roasted vegetables and an Israeli cous cous. The tofu was warm, but not overcooked and a delicious citrus glaze. The veggies were still tender and crispy. What I loved about this meal was that is was so light and refreshing, and not smothered in a sauce or dressing.
My favorite part of any meal is always dessert, and the options at Royal Court are some of my favorite on board the ship. How can you pass up on the Grand Mariner Souffle? A warm souffle infused with Grand Mariner, and Orange Zest and topped with a sweet Crème Anglais. Trust me on this, you do not want to skip dessert at the Royal Court.
After your meal, take a walk around the restaurant, let your food digest, as you explore the beautiful mosaics of your favorite Disney Princesses and Princes. You will leave full, and feeling like royalty due to the great service offered at the Royal Court