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By Princess Diva

The holiday season is almost here and if you have a Disney fanatic in your family, you may be wondering what in the world to get them.  Disney gifts can range from the simple to the elaborate…all you really need is just a bit of imagination and you could surprise your Disney fan with their best gift ever.  Here are some of our Disney Diva and Devos’ favorite Christmas gifts that we have ever received or given.
Dopey Diva:  Last Christmas I surprised my husband with his own personal share of Disney stock.  He loved it!
Disney Stock Certificate
D’Land Diva:  My husband found my favorite Muppet character and gave it to me for Christmas several years ago.
British Diva: One of my lovely girlfriends bought me this Jim Shore Christmas Minnie ornament several years back…I love it so much that she is a permanent fixture in my kitchen all year round!

British Diva’s Minnie Mouse
Memory Maker Diva:  I just got a Jim Shore Eeyore Snow Angel for my birthday-so cute!
InspireDiva:  We went to Disneyland for my daughter’s 16thbirthday.  We surprised her with a trip to Ariel’s Grotto.  She was shocked!  She loved every minute of it!
Jersey Diva  My favorite gift was one I bought for myself when we were there in December.  It’s my Fab Five pin which represents my three daughters and my nephew and niece (whom I watch on a daily basis).
Darlin’ Diva:  We gave our kids a Disney land and sea vacation for Christmas once.  Sent them on a huge treasure hunt to gather puzzle pieces that revealed the gift one assembled (in the form of a poem).  All the clues for finding the puzzle pieces were pirate-themed and the last pieces were buried in the yard and had to be located with a treasure map and dug up.  Wouldn’t you know…it rained!  The kids were seriously put out by having to walk around in the rain then dig in the mud for their gift, but their reactions once they figured it out were totally worth it.  Hardest secret I ever had to keep!
D’land Diva’s Favorite Muppet
Disney Diva:  My hubby snuck off and bought two magic kingdom throw pillows I really wanted and kept them for 4 months before giving them to me for Mother’s Day.  I had forgotten about them.
Disney Fashionista Diva:  My favorite Disney gift is from my parents.  It is my Disney wedding dress.  I tried on ALL of the princesses but sleeping beauty had that elegance and grace as well as princess and poofy that I was looking for.
Disney Wedding Dress
Jayship Earth: When I went the first time, I went Figment crazy: stuffed animal, hoodie, light switch plate and this awesome baseball hat that I think I might still have somewhere.
Florida Diva  Oooh!  On a trip to Victoria my boys found an artist down at the harbor.  He paints in a Salvador Dali  style (my favorite) and had done one of the castle at Disneyland.  They bought it for my birthday.
Jayship Earth’s Figment Hat
Canadian Diva: My daughter’s fav: when we were at Walt Disney World, my daughter really wanted the “Cinderella Castle” model, well we definitely couldn’t bring it with us, so the following Christmas SANTA sent it to her.  It’s really lovely and brings us back to MK everytime we play with it.  It plays “royal music”, has the ‘alarm’ ding and has beautiful lights and shows a shadow of Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing.  It also has a lot of figurines including the Princesses and their Prince.  There are also cute Mickey and Minnie topiary figurines included.  It’s so lovely.
Princess Diva: My favorite gift that I received came from my husband.  It was our first Christmas trip to Disney as an immediate family (no parents or in-laws with us).  We were staying at the Contemporary and decided to take a peek in the shops downstairs.  I found a necklace that I loved.  It was a simple heart with a small Mickey on it.  I mentioned that I liked it and moved on.  Later that evening, my husband decided that he needed a drink before bed and needed to go get one from downstairs.  He came back and said nothing.  On Christmas morning, he handed me the box and surprised me with the necklace that I had been admiring!

The best Disney gift that I have given has been surprising our kids with Disney trips.  There is nothing quite like seeing their reaction when they realize that we are heading to Disney!

Princess Diva’s favorite gift

I hope this has given you some great ideas to help make the holidays extra special for your favorite Disney fan.  What is the best Disney gift you have ever given or received?