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Article and photos (unless otherwise noted) by Florida Diva




Although Florida is known as The Sunshine State and California is currently experiencing the worst drought that it’s seen in decades, it does still rain in these states that are home to Disney Parks. So if it does rain when you happen to be there, what do you do? Do you head out and try your luck the next day? Not if you’re smart you don’t.

June through September are usually the wettest months in Florida with hurricane season extending into November. Given Orlando’s central location, they usually don’t see hurricanes but do have some tropical downpours; and I think they’re tons of fun.

On a trip with my boys to Hollywood Studios on New year’s Eve one year we were standing in line for The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular when the skies opened up with little warning. My oldest asked if we were going to get out of line and run for cover but by the time he had finished the question, which he had to yell to be heard over the noise of the downpour, we were already completely soaked so we stayed put. As we stood there like a bunch of drowned rats, we couldn’t help but laugh as it was unlike anything they had seen since we don’t get rain like that in Canada. The drops felt like we were being pelted with warm water balloons and the roar it created had my boys in awe as we stood with other visitors enjoying the afternoon shower.

Kali River Soaking

There are plenty of people that not only run for cover when the skies open up, but that leave the parks altogether, mistakenly thinking that the weather has turned for the day. In Florida, storms roll in fast, quickly empty their contents and move on just as fast. So , this usually sees you move up in line as others retreat and can often result in the crowds thinning significantly too.

My only piece of advice for weathering storms successfully is if you can’t deploy an umbrella or a rain poncho in time, don’t visit any indoor attractions until you’ve dried off again. The air conditioning inside counteracts the warm rain water and leaves you shivering and uncomfortable. We had to buy new t-shirts after sitting through the shortened version of The Stunt Spectacular in an effort to warm up again and the next day my oldest came down with a bad head cold. Ultimately though, the hot Florida sun will keep you warm and dry you off rather quickly, letting you carry on with your day despite your ruined hairdo. Adding a few outdoor attractions to your rain recovery plan can speed up the process; think of it as an interactive hair dryer with great special effects.

1599-225x300 Photo courtesy of Stephanie Demmler

In the end, it’s definitely worth sticking around if the weather takes a sudden turn as it usually only means that those not as flexible as you will leave, making it easier for you to get right back into the swing of things once the rain stops and the sun begins to beat down on the parks again.