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by Daisy Diva

I am so excited to get to share with you my experience with some super fun Disney-themed Jamberry nail wraps AND to give a set away to a lucky Diva fan!  For those of you who are not familiar, Jamberry nail wraps are sticker-like designs that you apply to your nails like nail polish, but they last much longer than standard polish.

Now before I start my review, allow me to give a little disclaimer.  I pretty much never do my finger nails.  Between taking care of kids, washing dishes, and the like, it seems like an exercise in futility for me to even bother polishing them as it will start chipping by the end of the day.  So this experience was not the norm for me.  But I was ready to embrace it.  Here is the before picture of my sad, unattended little nails.

Jamberry 5

There were TONS of Disney-themed wraps for me to choose from ranging from “subtly Disney” to “obviously Disney.”  I went the obviously Disney route, and chose a design called “Bow-Dacious.”  This particular design, like many of the others, actually has two different designs on the sheet.  Here is what they looked like when they arrived in the mail.

Jamberry 3

The application process is simple enough, but there are several steps involved, and Jamberry has a very helpful video on their website showing you exactly how to apply them.  For me it was a two person job! Fortunately, I had a partner in crime who was willing to help.  It only took about 15 minutes to apply them, and it was really great not having to wait for anything to dry!  Here is that same hand after the wraps had been applied.

Jamberry 2

And here is what both hands looked like after I was done.

Jamberry 1

Jamberry offers several special items that you can purchase from them to make application easy like manicure kits, nail wipes, and a special heater for activating the adhesive, but the wraps are also easy to apply with your own tools.  I used my hair dryer instead of the special heater, and it got the job done.

I began to notice right away that my application had been a bit faulty.  First of all, in a moment of rebellion I did not follow all the steps and wipe my nails with alcohol or nail polish remover first.  As I mentioned earlier, I never polish my nails, so I didn’t think it was necessary.  I should have done it.  Secondly, a couple of my nail wraps had wrinkles or bubbles under them due to “applicator error.”  I just didn’t press them down well enough or smoothly enough, so there was some unevenness on the nail.  This caused some problems for me the next day when I had a sink full of dishes to do–several of which needed some good scrubbing.  The water leaked into those wrinkles and bubbles and weakened the adhesive.  They started to loosen and peel.  I was disappointed that after just one day, my Minnie’s were peeling off, but I kept an eye on the ones that had been applied properly.  And after a week, they were still holding strong!!  Next time I use them, I may go over the wraps with a gel polish (not just clear polish as that can weaken the adhesive) to seal them and ensure that they last longer.

During the short time that I had my wraps on all my nails, I got several compliments on them, and I thought they were super fun!  I probably wouldn’t use them regularly seeing as the normal wear and tear on my hands and nails is pretty rough, but I wouldn’t hesitate to rock some “Disneyfied” nails during my next jaunt to the House of Mouse. In fact, I held on to my unused wraps (there’s enough for two manicures per sheet) to bling up my toenails for my next trip in June!

So now it’s your turn to get your hands (and nails) on some fun Disney Jamberry nail wraps! Check out the video below to see what great Disney nail wraps Jamberry has to offer!

If you’re looking for a Jamberry consultant, Tips from the Disney Divas & Devos recommends Kristin Westberg. You can check out her Jamberry page here! And as an added perk, Kristin has generously agreed to allow one lucky reader their choice of any of the Jamberry nail sets! Whether you’re hanging out around the house or going to one of the theme parks, these are great for showing off your Disney side! Make sure to click on the Rafflecopter contest below to enter, and remember to like the Facebook pages for entries! Good luck!





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