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IMG_2741By D’land Diva

We (members of the D’land Diva family) were super excited when they re-vamped this live show in Hollywood Land at Disney’s California Adventure. For many years the show presented a story line of planning for Minnie’s birthday party with the likes of Winnie the Pooh, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends. This show slowly became outdated, as Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Winnie the Pooh are not shown in rotation on the Disney Channel (but you can still find them sometimes on the Disney Junior channel!). The new show still presents the same story line- preparing a birthday party for Minnie Mouse. And just like with the previous show, there is plenty of dancing, singing and clapping.

Located in Hollywoodland at Disney’s California Adventure, Disney Junior Live on Stage! is located inside an air conditioned auditorium. That’s right an air conditioned attraction! Unfortunately, most of the seating is on the floor. For some adults this may be uncomfortable. For kids, it really provides the maximum amount of dancing and wiggling room.

Diva Tip: There are a few benches located on the sides of the auditorium for those who need more stable seating.

Floor seating also allows for more freedom of choice of seats (I have a wiry two year old, so I always opt for the seats that offer a way out). There are isles that need to be kept clear, but oh what fun my littles interacting with the other kids on the floor during the show, too! IMG_2753

The auditorium gets dark, but there are plenty of bright lights and entertainment to keep the littles’ minds off of the darkness. The story is told through the use of puppets and scenery, that changes with each new group of characters. The songs are familiar during the story telling, allowing children (and adults!) to sing, clap and dance during multiple scenes. But that is not all! There are also several other surprises during the show (bubbles and gold doubloon confetti) that add to the excitement.

Diva Tip: The extras during the show can get a little crazy, with kids diving for the confetti or bubbles, so be sure to keep an eye on your little ones.

Disney advises that guests line up twenty-five minutes before the show starts. The line outside the auditorium is shaded and there are small televisions to provide live entertainment for the kiddos. I’m going to be honest here: we have never waited in line for this attraction. We simply show up about 5-10 minutes before the show starts. We have never had an issue getting seats. If you want a seat at the front of the auditorium or you want or need bench seats, I would advise you line up early for the show. IMG_2760

Guests in wheelchairs or scooters may remain in their chairs for the show. There is also video captioning and auditory listening devices available. The show runs about 25 minutes, so you will need to plan accordingly. There are restrooms located to the right of the theater as you exit. Stroller parking is also located outside the theater, and I would advise you use this stroller parking as your stroller will be moved if it is left anywhere else near the auditorium.

So if you are looking for a fun, air conditioned attraction at Disney’s California Adventure, be sure to check out Disney Junior Live on Stage!