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by Military Diva

Disney Travel Miitary Discounts

The Disney Travel Co. honors our Surviving Families by extending Armed Forces Salute eligibility


In the United States we celebrate several Military and Federal Holidays.  While we know it is a day or remembrance, we often forget why or who we are honoring.  To set the record straight, these are the most recognized yet most confused federal recognition days.

  • Memorial Day-last Monday in May
  • Labor Day-first Monday in September
  • Veterans Day-November 11
Flag Retreat, Disney Military Discounts

Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat, photo courtesy of Pink Diva

Memorial Day is a day in which we remember, honor and celebrate Military members that have died while on Active Duty Military Service.  Labor Day is a public holiday to honor the American Labor Movement.  (It is not a military celebration or remembrance of any kind.)  And finally, Veterans Day is a day to honor all American Veterans-past and present, alive and deceased.

Today, being Memorial Day, I would like to take a moment and thank all of those that have died while serving our country.  I am grateful to have all the gifts and freedoms that we have as a result of their sacrifice.  But I would also like to take my gratitude a step further.  I would like to thank all of the families that have supported these soldiers on their journeys.  I extend my appreciation to all the mothers and fathers that supported and raised our heroic soldiers.  Most importantly though, I would like to offer my love to those husbands, wives and children that have carried the heavy weight that too many military families carry. I would like to take a moment to thank all of our Gold Star and Surviving Families.

Military Disney Discounts

On this Memorial Day I would like to also remind you that the Disney Travel Company and Shades of Green on Walt Disney World have not forgotten you either.  Both organizations, with military eligibility standards set by the Department of Defense, extend the Armed Forces Salute Military Discount and resort eligibility to you.

Disney Military Discounts

Protecting our Freedom, Saluted by Disney

Thanks to a few questions from loyal Diva followers, I recently sent an inquiry about Surviving Family Military Discounts to the Disney Travel Company.  According to the reply, both Surviving Spouses of Deceased Active Military Members and Surviving Spouses of Deceased 100% Retired Military Members are eligible for the Armed Forces Discount. They would be entitled to a room discount typically between 30 and 40% off, large ticket discounts from Disney World and Disneyland and discounts on Disney Cruises. There are a few standards that must be met…

  • The surviving spouse must have a valid, unexpired military Identification card.
  • The I.D. will say “Spouse” or “SP”.
  • The surviving spouse must be unmarried (did not remarry after the service member’s death).
  • The I.D. will be marked “DAV-DEC” or “DB” for Death Benefit.

Good morning Patricia, Yes…In both cases the spouse is eligible:  The spouse of the military personnel will contain the “Spouse” or “SP” in a box on the ID card – This would apply to retired personnel as well.  If the active-duty service member is deceased, the spouse is still eligible for a Salute ticket AS LONG AS THEY HAVE NOT REMARRIED. The box on the ID card will say either DAV-DEC or simply DB for Death Benefit. Thank you.  Have a Magical Day! Disney Destinations Travel Agency Sales”

Shades of Green has similar standards, allowing Surviving Families to stay at this highly discounted Magic Kingdom resort, purchase activated Armed Forces tickets in advance and enjoy other resort specific benefits.

  • DD Form 1173 or 1173-1 is the accepted form of I.D for Surviving Spouses of Deceased Active Military Members or Deceased 100% Retired Military Members.
  • The spouse must not have re-married.
  • If you are unable to produce one of the above forms but have the proper I.D. card, I would suggest contacting Shades of Green directly to discuss your situation.
Disney World Military Discounts

Shades of Green on Walt Disney World

While a vacation is certainly not the top of anyone’s list when facing a family death, I do appreciate the effort being made to remember the families of our fallen soldiers.  By extending their eligibility and discounts, the Department of Defense, Disney Travel Co., and Shades of Green have continued to honor the soldiers that were unable to come home. They have honored the Spirit of Memorial Day by continuing to support the families of those that have fallen.

If you are interested in supporting any of our Surviving Families please consider a donation to The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, a scholarship program aimed at reaching children of our Fallen Soldiers.

A percentage of all vacations booked via All for Dreams Travel/Tips from the Disney Diva from Memorial Day to the 4th of July will be donated to The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. May you all have a peaceful Memorial Day, remembering those that aren’t here to celebrate with us and reaching out to those that have been left behind.