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Disney Vacation TraditionsBy Devo CabDisney

Many people have traditions for events or holidays that occur every year or on a regular basis. For those who travel to Disney Parks on a regular basis; this is especially true! I don’t know about you but we have traditions that we do every time we go to Walt Disney World. Some traditions are just silly little things that we like to do and some are more sentimental. Regardless of what you do or why you do them, traditions can help make your vacations even more special and personalized. 




Disney Vacation TraditionsSome may say that ours are more of a ritual as opposed to a tradition, but when we enter Magic Kingdom, we always walk down Main Street U.S.A., go through Cinderella Castle (assuming it isn’t closed off) and go straight to it’s a small world! Once on the happiest cruise, we always “Ooh La La” along with the French dolls, and traveling through Asia, we always bow with the Chinese dolls as we exit that area. I know it’s silly but it’s what we like to do. We also have some spots that are a little extra special to us. Some spots are special because of a picture that was taken many years ago. Then there’s the very special spot where we were engaged. So we like to visit those spots often or at least take a quick glance as we reminisce on our way to the next attraction. All these little things just help make our vacation a little more special.


I figured that since we had some rituals or traditions, that surely others did as well! My good friend JollyFrogger Diva’s family always begins and ends their Walt Disney World vacation at Magic Kingdom. The first ride they go for is Pirates of the Caribbean! Once they make their way into Fantasyland, JollyFogger Diva and her husband likes to give a little kiss to the sad gargoyles on the bridge to Be Our Guest Restaurant. I don’t blame them, those gargoyles look like they could use a little love. 


Disney Vacation Traditions

Disney Magic Diva always has a mission to ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin with her son, at least until he gets Galactic Hero! Apparently, he’s the pro in the family but one time, Disney Magic Diva gave him a run for his money and they both got it on the same run! 



Disney Vacation Traditions

Looking for the hidden key under the welcome mat at MuppetVision 3D and snapping a photo of it is a must do for Soarin’ Diva! And apparently, I’m not the only one that “Ooh La La’s” along with the French dolls in it’s a small world; so does Soarin’ Diva! She also enjoys videoing her family taking a Beverly shot at Club Cool. Have you had the Beverly? It’s a must do for me as well! 


Disney Vacation Traditions



Tinker Belle Diva has a Disneyland tradition of taking photos of her kids at Sleeping Beauty Castle. What’s even better is that she can track how they have grown over the years! What a great idea! Here are her kids in 2010 and then later in 2018! 



Disney Vacation Traditions



Beginning and ending her Walt Disney World vacation at Magic Kingdom is also a must do for Sleepy Diva since she doesn’t feel like she’s home until she’s on Main Street U.S.A.! Also, she always gets a picture with Audrey Hepburn’s handprints in Hollywood Studios since Hepburn is her favorite! 





Disney Vacation TraditionsCharacter Diva has a rather rebellious tradition. When in Disneyland, they always go to Hungry Bear and feed the ducks French fries. You’re not really supposed to do that but they have done it since she was very little and I’m sure the ducks appreciate it, so shhh, let’s just keep that between us! She also sets a personal goal to meet at least three new characters each time she goes! 

Character Diva has another tradition of visiting a paved marker between Disneyland and California Adventure that was purchased by a family friend and fellow cast member in honor of Character Diva’s uncle who worked at Disneyland for over 40 years before passing away from cancer. What a special tribute! 


Disney Vacation Traditions

Sometimes, Canadian Diva is in Orlando Florida but has no plans to stay in Walt Disney World or visit the parks. But that doesn’t stop her from visiting Disney Springs since that is a must for her family! There really is something special about Disney Springs even though you’re not in the parks. One time, she took her daughter to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and then her husband took this absolutely gorgeous photo of their daughter on the mini carousel at Disney Springs. Canadian Diva, is your husband a professional photographer?

Traveling to WDW with TwinsPixie Dusted Diva is a big fan of the Disney Dining Plan, and since her twins are under three her family enjoys at lots of character buffets throughout their vacation. (Under three eats free at buffets!) They have made it a Disney tradition to eat at Chef Mickey’s every trip. One of the favorite parts is comparing the picture taken at the beginning of the meal year after year. It’s a great way to see how the kids have grown like Tinker Belle Diva does in Disneyland!

As you can see, many people have many rituals and traditions for their Disney Vacations! I’m sure you do as well! What are your traditions? Feel free to comment below, or you can find a link to this article on our Facebook page and you could comment there with pictures of your favorite traditions! 

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