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i-McTHDvk-XL    Article by Florida Diva Photos courtesy of Amy Bassett


We all know that every woman feels like a princess on her wedding day, as they should; but what if you could actually be one on your special day? Well, a Disney one at least.

When I recently got engaged, my fiance thoughtfully asked if I wanted to get married at Disney, as he is quite aware of my enduring fondness for The Magic Kingdom. So, with a burst of enthusiasm that would rival Rapunzel’s,  I began to explore the idea.

It turns out that Disney offers many wedding packages to suit everything from a modest budget of a few thousand dollars to the dream example that I conjured up that came in at over $36,000* (note the star; it indicates that the cost of my choices is merely an estimate.) Of course this was just for fun because if I had $36,000 I’d probably pay off my car or book a completely over the top Disney vacation for whole family. But with my deep sense of dedication to my work, I forged on in my research.

So what exactly does my Disney fantasy wedding include?

Well, after choosing the “Wishes” category (Prices starting at $12000.00), I picked the following options:

The ceremony: my 160 imaginary guests will gather at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort on the “Croquet Lawn” for an Alice in Wonderland inspired nuptials.  See available ceremony options here Then, it’s off to The Great Movie Ride for the reception. Yes, you read that correctly, The Great Movie Ride is one of the options for hosting your wedding dinner reception. Other options are (depending on the category you choose); various locations at Epcot including France, England and Canada. Resort choices include, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, The Grand Floridian Resort, and Disney’s Yacht Club. There are also options available Animal Kingdom too. Click here to learn more about reception choices


Aside from all this you can choose from various add ons like photographers, videos, carriages or limos, bouquet options, live musicians or DJs and the list goes on. Of course the options you have to choose from depend on your budget, guest count and even the time of year you want your ceremony. Though out it all you can have a Disney planner help you make selections that best suit your goals and budget.

So, if you’d like to look into a ceremony where do you start? Right here, . Begin by selecting your destination; Florida, California, Aulani or a Disney Cruise. Nest you choose the type of wedding package you want. The Memories option is for more intimate and budget conscience celebrations with the guest count limited to a hand full of people and packages start at just under $3000.00. This is a great option if you’re looking to elope or may be looking to renew your vows. The Escape package is for small gatherings of up to 18 guests and would be ideal to combine with a family reunion or getaway with close friends. Finally, the Wishes option is the crème de la crème of Disney Wedding celebrations and prices start at $12000.00. Guest counts for this category are 150+ but keep in mind the higher the guest count, the less options you have as many locations for ceremonies and receptions can only accommodate a certain number of people. Add to this the ability to also include a Disney Themed Honeymoon and you could get lost for days trying to narrow down your choices for adding some Disney magic to your special day.

So, what did I decide to go with in the end? Well the Scottish in me came out and my inner Merida rebelled. We’ve decided, in the end, to not get married at Disney and instead will have a simple and private ceremony on a beach along the Gulf Coast. But…the very next day, we’ll be at The Magic Kingdom so we can have our first date as husband and wife at my favorite park. I can’t think of a better place to start our own happily ever after.

Tips: Don’t be afraid to fill out the forms provided on the planning site. No one will contact you unless you agree to have a Disney consultant get involved. Be sure to save your package details and then start again to come up with alternative plans so you can easily compare and choose the best options for your own special day.