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You heard it right!  Walt Disney World has announced pricing for their 2021 Armed Forces Salute discounts!

As you may remember, members of the military that purchased tickets for use in 2020 had their use date extended until September 28, 2021.  If they used their ticket entitlement in 2020 (6 tickets maximum), they could purchase up to an additional (6) 2020 tickets, at 2020 prices, to be used up until September 28, 2021.  These additional tickets had to be purchased between December 19, 2020, and February 14, 2021. (Shades of Green and many bases stopped selling 2020 Armed Forces Salute tickets on February 2, 2020.)



Beginning on February 15, 2021, military members that did not use the second set of 2020 tickets can purchase 2021 Armed Forces Salute tickets for use through December 17, 2021.

*Any Armed Forces Salute tickets purchased between 12/19/20 and 02/14/21 count towards the (6) maximum 2021 Armed Forces tickets. So, if you purchased (4), you can purchase an additional (2) tickets at the 2021 rates.  If you did not purchase any between the above dates, you can purchase (6) for use in 2021.


Thank you for supporting our military!


What Prices and Options are offered with Walt Disney World’s 2021 Armed Forces Salute Ticket Discount?

  • 4-Day Park Hopper for $296 per ticket
  • 4-Day Park Hopper Plus for $326 per ticket
  • 5-Day Park Hopper for $315 per ticket
  • 5-Day Park Hopper Plus for $345 per ticket

Terms and Exclusions

  • Active Duty, current National Guard and Reservists, 100% Service-Disabled, 100% Retired, and their Spouses/Dependents are eligible to purchase tickets with valid ID. A full list of eligible individuals and the required ID can be located on the Shades of Green site.
  • No blackout dates have been announced for these tickets
  • All tickets must be used by December 17, 2021.  All unused entitlements will be forfeited on this day.
  • Four-day tickets can be purchased up until December 14, 2021; Five-day tickets can be purchased up until December 13, 2021.
Disney 2021 Military Discounts

Disney-We thank you for supporting our Military Families!


Where can Walt Disney World Armed Forces Salute Tickets be purchased?

Members of the military have a few options when it comes to purchasing Armed Forces Salute tickets

  • Shades of Green on Walt Disney World provides activated tickets
  • MWR/Ticketing offices at local military bases nationwide offer vouchers that need activated (verified with military ID) at the parks
  • Walt Disney World Guest Services sell activated tickets.  The Military Member or spouse must show a valid Military ID and tax will be added to the price of these tickets.

Shades of Green on Walt Disney World offers an easy, seamless process to purchase activated, tax-free tickets.  This MWR resort in the Magic Kingdom area of Walt Disney World is reserved for active and retired military.  Veteran’s can also stay during some months during the year. They offer beautiful rooms, a family-friendly resort located on a Walt Disney golf course, tax-free amenities, an Exchange, and a ticketing office.  You can read more about the resort HERE!


Disney 2021 Military Discounts

Shades of Green on Walt Disney World, a deluxe onsite resort for Military Guests


Fortunately though, you don’t have to be onsite to purchase tickets!  Shades of Green offers an online service that offers the purchase of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and many other area attraction tickets.

  • View the full list of available attraction tickets and prices being offered
  • email Shades of Green at
  • Offer a brief message of the tickets you are interested in purchasing
  • You will typically receive an email response within 48 hours offering ticket prices and requesting you to complete an order form
  • Return the signed order form to the email address requested. You must print and physically sign the form.  SoG will not accept digitally signed forms.
  • Within 72 hours of receipt, a Shades of Green representative will phone you to digitally verify eligibility, obtain payment details, and verify the shipping address
  • Once the purchase is completed, an email receipt will be sent to the address on file.  A FED EX tracking number is also provided at this time.
  • Physical tickets will be received via FED EX within 10 business days (typically much quicker). Someone must be present to sign for these tickets…if you won’t be home, be sure to have the tickets mailed to your work address instead.
  • Link tickets to your ‘myDisneyexperience” account and make Park Reservations

Again, the best part of ordering tickets through Shades of Green is the receipt of active tickets. You will not need to wait in the Guest Service line at the park to verify eligibility and activate.  However, you are waiting up to 10 days from purchase to receive the tickets-this wait can be risky when planning to use during high travel times.  Just be aware that Park Pass eligibility is very new and you may need to be flexible in the days you visit each park.


Thank you Disney World for saluting our Soldiers!


As mentioned above, local bases offer vouchers that must be activated at the park. They can still be linked to make Park Pass Reservations, a bonus when planning to travel during high crowd levels or when you are set on visiting specific parks on specific days.  You will spend some time standing in the Guest Service line prior to entering the park. Please be aware of the benefits and limitations of each method prior to purchase!

And don’t forget, Walt Disney World also offers great discounts on Resorts and the Memory Maker for our Military Family!  While there isn’t a specific percentage, guests typically see up to 30% off of Value Resorts, 35% off of Moderate Resorts, and up to 40% off of Deluxe Resorts.  Those wishing to add the Memory Maker photo package can do so at a Walt Disney World Guest Service window. Typically priced at $169, Military Members can add this package for $98.

I would like to once again extend a huge Thank You to the Disney Travel Company for the graciousness you extend to our Military.  Many of us would not be able to travel with the flexibility we need without this discount.  We appreciate your service to us!

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