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by Military Diva


I am not the type of person that buys just for the sake of buying.  Most of my possessions have a purpose or a special memory attached.  If being honest, my daily frugality is mostly due to my love of traveling.

I would much rather travel than spend haphazardly on trinkets! 

This philosophy flows into our family’s Disney trips as well.  We would prefer to have  extra days of vacation over $100 of souvenirs. Now, I am not saying we don’t purchase anything to take home.  We certainly do!  Our children save their own money, which we match, and they spend at their own will-No judgment from us!

But  my husband and I prefer items that will remind us of our time together.  We fondly remember each trip as we place our specially purchased Disney Ornaments on the tree;  I have a sweet spot for my Sorcerer’s Hat Pandora charm, purchased during a trip my father and I took alone; And I swell with pride every time I put on my Disney Half Marathon Shirt.

But if  being honest, I LOVE my Disney World Refillable mug!


Disney World Refillable favorite souvenirs!

Disney World Refillable Mugs…my favorite souvenirs!


Most guests of Disney World Resorts recognize this little beauty as part of their Dining plan. Disney Refillable mugs grant guests access to complimentary beverage refills for the duration of their stay (14 days) – coffee, hot tea, iced tea, cocoa/hot chocolate and soft drinks are available at any time of day. Refill stations can be found in the food court locations of all Disney Resorts, pool bars and also several locations around the Boardwalk. (Refills are not available in any Disney World Parks.)

Guests of Shades of Green and other non-Disney resorts do not have access to Disney Dining Plans.  But that does not mean we cannot access refillable mugs.  Fortunately, they can be purchased separately at any Disney World Resort. As of January 2016, the cost of a mug was $16.99 plus tax, active for 14 days use.

We tend to spend a lot of time walking between the Polynesian and Shades of Green, which gives us easy access to refill stations.


Disney mugs through the years, our small collection!

Disney mugs through the years, our small collection!

We definitely get our money’s worth out of a Refillable Mug purchase.

But the value for me is more in the souvenir I get to take home.  For just over $18 I get a fabulously durable mug that keeps my coffee hot and my juice cold. Thanks to the thick plastic I don’t worry about breakage, it fits perfectly in my truck’s cup holder, holds up to daily washing and is an amazing conversation starter!

Who doesn’t want to wake up to a cup of coffee with Mickey and the memory of skipping past the Shades of Green pond with our children!?!

Bonus buy- During our most recent trip we purchased hot chocolate from a Main Street vendor pushing an old ice cream type cart.  The cocoa was served in a Resort mug for $5.00! Not refillable or able to be used in the resorts, but a bonus nonetheless.  Chocolate heaven and a take home souvenir for $5.00, unheard of in Disney!


Hot cocoa and a souvenir mug from Magic Kingdom.

Hot cocoa and a souvenir mug from Magic Kingdom.

**These non-refillable mugs are also available in several Disneyland restaurants and eateries for a similar price point.**


So if you prefer a souvenir with function or a memory attached, keep your eyes open for these resort mugs or the optional non-refillable mugs in the parks.  And if you are able to make use of a Dining Plan, consider your complimentary mug your best memento.  Save that extra souvenir money for a few extra vacation days or better yet, more ice cream!