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DSCN3632 (2)By: InspireDiva

You and your family are at Disneyland and your next stop is Indiana Jones. As you maneuver your way down Main Street and take that turn into ADVENTURELAND, suddenly your stomach clenches and you can’t remember why you were in such a hurry to get on the ride. You’re surrounded by the amazing aroma of barbecued meats and veggies and you are now starving and possibly drooling. The smell wraps around you like a tether and it slowly but surely pulls you in. Suddenly you are standing at the counter ordering for your entire family, which is okay because they are drooling and starving now too! It is also okay because as counter service restaurants go this one is a bargain. It’s the Bengal Barbecue!

 Diva Tip:

When you get your food the seating here is always FULL! What is a Diva to do? Well this Diva and her family wander down to Aladdin’s Oasis, where you can find lots of DSCN3646 (2)seating and SHADE! This is very welcome on a HOT day in California. When we were there in September the temperature ranged from upper-80’s to 100+ during the day. There is another reason we stop here, and that is a Character Meet and Greet! Often Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie make appearances either separately or together. We have lucked out and have had multiple opportunities to meet them on our different trips.


Bengal Barbecue serves barbecue skewers of chicken, beef, or veggie. They are one of the least expensive, but still good for you eats in the park.










They serve:

Banyan Beef Skewer:                                     $4.29

Chieftain Chicken Skewer:                           $3.89

Outback Veggie Skewer:                               $3.79

Safari Skewer:                                                 $3.89

Bengal Beef Skewer                                       $4.29

**This restaurant does offer a discount for Annual Pass holders.


DSCN3639I am a BIG fan of the chicken, and not so much the beef. I have tried both kinds of beef skewers and I never like them as much as the chicken. I find the beef to be very chewy. As for the other skewers, the Outback Veggie comes with grilled red and green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, and a small potato. I love veggies period so this gets a gold star from me. Last but not least is the Safari Skewer ,which is bacon wrapped asparagus and it is always delicious!


The beauty of this restaurant is you can eat here for lunch or you can just stop in for a snack. For lunch for my family of 4 (that includes a rapidly growing teenage boy) we can spend around $35 that is before our Annual Pass Discount. But if we just want a snack it would cost us around $15. On this last trip we bought 3 Chicken Skewers, 1 Beef, 2 Veggie and 1 Bacon Asparagus and shared. Total cost right around $28. We had this as a midday meal around noon and it held all of us over until dinner.


Guess what? They also serve other things! So if your little monkeys are picky and won’t eat the skewers don’t fret.

They also sell:

Tiger Tails:                                                            $3.69

Chips (Large):                                                      $2.99

Mickey Pretzels:                                                  $3.69

Jalapeno Cheese Filled Pretzels:                      $3.69

Fresh Fruit w/ Vanilla Yogurt Parfaits:           $4.99

Fruit Cup:                                                             $3.69

Beverages Include:

Regular and Large Fountain Drinks:              $3.19- $3.49

Nestle Chocolate or Strawberry Milk:            $2.79

Minute Maid Juice Box:                                     $1.79

Hot Cocoa, Coffee, and Tea:                             $2.79

As always you can ASK for a FREE cup of water. They are more than willing even if you don’t purchase anything. This is the healthiest and easiest way to save money at the parks!


On a side note if you have allergies of any kind always ask before you order. They will bring the chef out to speak with you. Even at Counter Service restaurants. When they speak with you they will give you the safest options and prepare the dish themselves in some cases.


I do have a gluten intolerance and have wrote many articles on what foods are gluten free friendly. I did not ask and do not know if this restaurant serves gluten free options. (I should have…) I will make sure to find out next time I visit. If you are on your way there and are interested in this as an option ask the chef like I said before. Disney tries their best to help you any way they can.