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IMG715 (2)By : InspireDiva

This ride has never been a favorite of mine. It follows Snow White on her scary adventure, and starts off being light hearted and fun. It is a warm and cozy scene in the Seven Dwarfs cottage as Snow White and the dwarfs happily laugh and yodel together, but as they do this, the Evil Queen spies at them through the window. From there you travel through the sparkling diamond mine where a million diamonds shine. (As the ride moves along it gets a little dark and scary. Especially for younger children.)

Next you meet the Evil Queen as she speaks to her magic mirror and you see her transform into the terrifying old hag. Guests follow her to the dungeons where she makes the poisoned apple. She follows and tries to trick Snow White into eating it. As Snow White tries to escape, she travels through the dark and scary forest. The chase continues with the dwarfs valiantly work to defeat the Evil Queen. Her demise comes at the end with a thunder clap and a scream.

Then the ride ends, no happy ending!

What the crap Disney? I thought this was a children’s ride! I like my happy endings! (Which is why it’s not my favorite!)

However, we did find a way to make it more enjoyable…read on!


Diva Tip:

Disney fans of all ages can ride this ride, although children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult or a child that is 14 years or older. It is one of the original rides in Fantasyland, so it is slow and dark and it could be considered scary for some children. Use your best judgment and if you are concerned maybe watch the full ride on YouTube before you go.


Diva Secret:

  1. When you first walk up to the entrance there is a Snow White story book just like at there is at the beginning of the movie. Right next to the book is a golden apple (this is where it gets fun) but whatever you do, don’t touch the apple. Wink, wink.
  2. As you wander through Fantasyland you might just catch The Evil Queen keeping an eye on the kingdom from her tower window.
  3. As you walk through the line, you come upon a window that looks down into a lower room that seems to be a dingy and creepy dungeon with a table that is covered with assorted items, including a spell book with a recipe for Poisoned Apples. But my favorite part is the layers upon layers of coins. Stacked and thrown everywhere. It seems to be a makeshift wishing well and we can never ever resist.

IMG717 (2)Diva Tip:

This ride also offers wheelchair access through the exit which is located to the right of the entrance. Just contact a cast member for boarding instructions. There are wheelchair accessible vehicles upon request. This ride also offers Hand Held Captioning as wells as Audio Description for guest with visual disabilities. You can get the receivers for these at Guest Services.

When we went to Disneyland in March with my father, he was in a wheelchair, and EVERY cast member was more than accommodating. They were able to make the process go smother since this was something we had never done before. Most of the rides at Disneyland are Wheelchair accessible. On another note you don’t have to wait in the Fantasyland lines the wheel chair doesn’t fit anyways. They will give you a small pass to come back within a short period of time.



InspireDiva FUN!

When we were on our last trip to Disneyland we decided to try something new when we went on this ride, as it is not usually our thing. We generally stop in and ride it one time during our trip. This time though I started a game. It stems from the television show Once Upon a Time. In this show the main characters are from Snow White and include Snow aka Mary Margret, Charming aka David, daughter Emma and son/grandson Henry. Then of course you have the Evil Queen aka Regina. Regina was our games inspiration.

What the game was, that you get to say “Oh Regina” whenever you see her throughout ride. I started this game while riding with my hubby. So what happens when I see Regina, hiding behind the window? I look at my hubby and roll my eyes and say “Oh, Regina” this gets me going and as we change scenes I change my tone to an “Oh Regina” with a surprised gasp. I did it over and over through the ride also with a scared and appalled tone. My hubby thought this was hilarious and after relaying this to my kids they wanted to go again so they each had a turn with me. It made us laugh and giggle at each other and we ended up going a total of 3 times. Which by the way is our record.

This game followed us around for the rest of our trip. We continued using the game whenever we would see the Evil Queen and we also played while watching Fantasmic! Creating our own commentary to the show is so much fun. “Oh Regina” She is up to her antics again. When will she ever learn? Or “Oh Regina” she is so dramatic! Just add in an “Oh Regina” and the game can begin.

Now by all means you don’t have to play the same game we did. Try finding ways to make a ride even more memorable for your family. Those memories will be priceless and you will tell stories about those moment for years to come. Being at Disney is fun but not everything appeals to everyone, finding the fun in an experience where you might not find it normally is part of the magic.