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 By Disneylove Diva

Welcome to the Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition!!!! Here you will encounter all sorts of animals face to face. From ferocious lions to giant laid-back hippos, this ride will captivate guests of all ages. As you board you safari jeep, your guide will explain what you will see. On this 18 minute expedition, you will see birds, lions, meerkats, hippos, and over 34 more species. This ride offers an exclusive looks into the everyday life of animals in a semi-natural habitat. You see lush grasslands, blue sky water, very odd trees, and so much more nature.

  An amazing time to take your safari is on one of the last rides of the day. Experiencing the sunset from the Kilimanjaro safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also it is very exciting when the giraffes decide to charge out in front of your jeep.

 While riding this expedition, keep an eye out for hidden mickeys. There aren’t a ton, but you can find them in the queue before you get on the ride. There is also a hidden Donald Duck while out on the safari itself. Just remember to watch the video screens in the queue. You may be surprised how many hidden mickeys there really are.

image Be sure to have your camera ready while on this attraction. There are so many photo-worthy animals and much scenery to take in. You and your family will love to see their favorite animals, learn about them, and take photos of them. Just please be courteous and turn off your flash. Not only can it disturb the other guests and the driver, but it can actually spook the animals.

 Quick Tip: Noise can be a distraction to the animals and may even scare them away! Quiet voices are best on this ride.

 While riding on this expedition, you will cross very bumpy, narrow bridges. The sound that the bridge makes while crossing may scare young children. There are no height restrictions to this fascinating Safari. The overall scare factor is around a 2 because of noisy bridges, the occasional roar from the lions, and the animals trying to ram the jeep. But believe me, you and your family are completely safe from any danger. Motion sickness may be a factor for those extremely sensitive to motion.

 Guests in scooters must transfer from scooter to wheelchair. This ride offers video captioning, handheld captioning, and assistive listening. Also children under 7 must be accompanied by someone 14 years old or older.

 With all of this in mind, remember to have fun. Take a relaxing trip into nature and enjoy the safari!!! Take as many pictures as you want, so you can cherish these memories forever. So come on down and take an amazing ride into the wild with Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition!!