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By Frozen Diva

Pin trading is a great way to interact with Cast Members at Disney Parks, and it is fun for everyone in the family.  Trading pins is also a great way to collect souvenirs.  Pin trading is so easy, and there are only a few things that people need to know in order to be successful pin traders! It is so fun, I think that it is the thrill of the hunt for me.  Before I go on any Disney vacation, I browse the Disney pins website to see all of the new collections and I figure out what pins I like and what pins I am going to keep an eye out for. It helps to get me excited for my Disney vacation. Also, if I find that pin its the best feeling! Pin trading is so easy, but I know that not everyone is familiar with it, so I listed some points to help any beginner pin trader learn the tricks to the trade!

image2 (1)1. Tradable pins: Pins are easy to come across at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.  Almost all of the shops have some sort of pin merchandise inside, and the majority of those stores have mystery pouches that average about $6 for a pack of two pins!  That is a great start to any pin traders collection.  There are also starter lanyards that are available for purchase that typically include about 4-6 pins on a really cool lanyard.

2. Who can you trade with? You can trade with any Disney cast member with a pin lanyard or square.  Most cast members have pins on them so just ask them to take a peek at their pins, and if they have anything you like, trade them one of yours!

image1 (2)

Pin trading drum at the gift shop next to Rock n Roller Coaster

3. Pin boards: Many resort gift shops and in the stores in the parks have large pin boards that guests can trade off of in addition to the cast member lanyards.  The easiest way to find out if a store or restaurant has a pin board just ask! Some of the more popular locations that have a pin board is at Downtown Disney’s Pin Traders.  At Pin Traders there is a really large pin board that is only open at random, and there are a lot of pins to trade!  Another location is the Frontierland General Store.  That location is a store that is truly dedicated to pins, and there are many trading locations there as well.

4. What happens to my Disney pins when I get home? Personally, I display all of my Disney pins on a corkboard that is all themed to Disney. I have many pictures from Disney trips and also fun memories like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards, and the bookmark I got at Enchanted Tales with Belle, and all of those items are tacked to my board with my Disney pins!  I find that a really cool way to display them, and it is really easy to move them around and change the design.  I also know of people who have framed their Disney pins, which is another awesome way to display all those good trades.