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Yes! Disney World has a lot of amazing rides, but it also has some really great shows you shouldn’t miss out on.
If you’re remotely worried about how many rides your kids are willing to go on then you really need to pay attention to show schedules and make them part of your day’s plan.
As a part of your planning you need to visit a great site, . This site has each parks entertainment schedule for the day. So you look and see what your family will like. But I’ll tell you a little bit about the Diva family favorites in each park.

Magic Kingdom

MK doesn’t really have a “pure” show like some of the other parks do, there are smaller mini-shows that the Diva’s LOVE.

– Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial: 20 minute “show” with Captain Jack and Mack (his first mate). It’s a really funny show full of silliness and usually hunky Capin’ Jack lookalikes. Great Fun.
– Club 636 Dance Party: Ok this isn’t a show, it’s a dance party but since its started its some of the most fun we’ve had at WDW as a family. Great music, fun dances and silliness. They really are so much fun. MUST DO!


If you’re around in the summer the Sounds Like Summer shows are always good fun, they also happen at the Food and Wine Festival that runs from late September to early November. They happen at an amphitheater in the American Pavilion of World Showcase.

– JAMMitors – If you have ever seen STOMP! Jammitors are similar. Percussion galore and lots of fun.
– Off Kilter in Canda – Seriously one of our most FAVORITE things at WDW. This amazing Canadian/Celtic Band will knock your socks off. Grab a snack or a beer and sit down/ or dance, your call, and ENJOY! They are so talented. The show is about 30 minutes long. Must see! You can hear them on their site:
– British Revolution in England – I’m not positive what the word is on this because I’ve heard it might be discontinued. Its Beatles music and its totally fun. 20 minutes long.
– World Showcase Players in England – Some of the most interactive fun you can imagine. The players grab people out of the audience and everybody participates. So much fun! MUST CATCH THIS ONE! The show itself is 25 minutes long.
– Serveur Amusant in France– These jugglers and acrobats will knock your socks off! Super amazing and even better with a French Pastry in your hand! Show is about 20 minutes.
– Miyuki in Japan – This Japanese candy artist is one of the last of her kind. And she is A-MAZING! The show is 20 minutes long and you will be in awe the entire time.
– Sergio in Italy – This is a mix of the world showcase players interaction with the audience and amazing juggling. He is really amazing and very fun for the whole family. No Friday and Saturday shows, so make sure you factor that into your plans. Shows about 20 minutes.
There use to be some Absolutely freaking AMAZING child acrobats in China, but apparently their last show was February 2011, which sucks because we loved them!
If you’re wondering what the heck your kids are going to like at Epcot (a common myth), the shows is the way to do it! That and Kim Possible, which we LOVVVVVVE.

Hollywood Studios

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m not really a huge fan of Hollywood Studios, so the shows is what makes it more tolerable for me. (You might have gathered that from some of my earlier posts.) Not a fan for a major reason you will see below, its hot. Its always hotter at Hollywood Studios, not much shade, and the shows are almost all outdoor

– Beauty and the Best – Beauty and the Beast is great, its just hot as crap at the afternoon shows. Its an outdoor show with a large tarp-like-thing above you. In the summer you may die, haha, I’m kidding but not really, But the show is very good and if you’ve got a little girl who is a Beauty and the Beast fan she will be swept away. The show is 30 minutes long.
– Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular – Another good, but OUTDOOR, show. Again, a tarp has been put over the amphitheater, soooo you guessed it, its HOT. Especially in the thick of summer in the heat of the day. This show has some super effects and there’s a chance to actually be IN the show. I’ve been in it once and its really fun. If you want to potentially be in the show you need to be down LOW which means you need to get their early and sit down low and make a lot of noise and motion to try to get picked.
– Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show – Ok so this show is cool, no doubt about it. However, its ONCE AGAIN an outdoor show with a tarp so its hot hot hot. However, if you’ve got little boys (or girls who are car lovers!) 6+ or guys with you that love action films with car chases galore, it’s a must do.
– Voyage of the Little Mermaid – YEA FOR AN INSIDE SHOW! I love this show but not cause of why you might think. Voyage has a fabulous misting effect that cooools you off (sometimes you can even get a little cold from it). Its dark and air-conditioned and the show itself is usually pretty good.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is home to my favorite shows at Disney World!

**DIVA PICK** Finding Nemo – The Musical – Oh my goodness. Can I tell you how much I love this show?! The music is AMAZING (and you can’t get this one from a movie). The actors are so talented. The puppets will blow your mind. And I can NOT watch this show without tearing up. If you’ve got kids, man, this show just gets to the heart of how a parent feels towards their child. Kids will be in awe, you will be in awe. Good for everybody and AIRCONDITIONED!! You can hear some of the songs at this link.
– Festival of the Lion King- My SECOND favorite show at Disney World. Its another fabulous indoor show and wow, THE TALENT!!!! Your whole family is sure to enjoy this one! The show is interactive, the music is fun and the monkeys will blow you away. Lots of fun!!
– Gi-tar Dan – This guitar player makes up songs on the spot and is a super nice guy. He did an anniversary song for my parents that we really cracked up about.
– Tropicals is a steel-drum band that plays right outside of Finding Nemo. I’ve never sat around to listen to them, but when I’m going through the queue to Finding Nemo I always dance to them. They’re good.
– Flights of Wonder – I’ve not seen this, my husband and son saw it and seemed to enjoy it. Apparently some birds will fly just right over your head which they thought was neat.
Cirque du soleil – We’ve been to see La Nouba two times and it is fantastic. You actually want to be up high in the middle to be able to see everything at the same time. Cause there is A LOT going on. I wouldn’t suggest bringing kids under 3 years old to this as A) its expensive and b) they wont understand. So might want to consider babysitting services if you want to go out a lil date.
All of the shows, except for Cirque du Soleil, are included in the price of your park ticket. So they dont cost anything extra for you. (Thanks Ai mee for your facebook question about this, I’m sure others were wondering as well.)
So there you go, a run-down of the Diva families favorite shows at Disney World! The entertainment is, as always, high quality at Disney. You will love! Make sure you set aside some time to see something special