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My friends D & E are taking their girls EC (6yrs) & El (4yrs) on their first trip to WDW. Two grandparents (50+ )are also coming along. They’re going in April for 5 nights. They’ll only need park tickets for 4 days though because of flight times.

They’ve opted for a moderate level resort & the deluxe dining plan (which is AWESOME b/c a meal counts as a meal whether it’s a character meal or a quick service, so load up the character meal experiences in my opinion!!)

Neither of the girls, the grandparents, nor dad are thrill-riders. So E will have to tag along on one of our trips or slip away for a few minutes to do some serious rides. Needless to say that’s been cut out of the planning.

Perhaps you’re in a similar situation and just need a plan to mimic. We’ll here you go feel free to borrow!

5 nights at resort/ 4day park tickets

Deluxe Dining Plan – 15 meals and 10 snacks per person (you’re going to be so full its insane)

Rides in Italics

Friday (no park)

Airplane arrival 12:45pm

Disney Magical Express arrival/check in resort by 2:00pm

Grab a Snack at the Grab & Go, be sure to pick up your refillable mugs

Explore the resort and rest for a while, get dressed for the luau.

Be on a bus to Magic Kingdom by 3:45pm

When you get off the bus to Magic Kingdom you will walk down the hill towards the park and go across to the monorail. You need to take the RESORT MONORAIL (not the express!!!). The second stop will be the Polynesian.

When you get out at the Polynesian you need to follow the signs to Luau Cove. Need to check in about 5:00pm.

MEAL x 2 per person Luau at the Polynesian 5:15

Luau over about 7:00

Back to the resort for swimming and early bed time. You’ll be up EARLY tomorrow.

– Meals remaining 13 meals/9 snacks

Saturday- (magic kingdom morning/ epcot evening)

At the bus stop to Magic Kingdom no later than 6:15am!

When bus drops off at Magic Kingdom walk again to the RESORT monorail.

1st stop, Contemporary, go down escalator to Chef Mickey (make sure you have your autograph stuff)

B’FAST: Chef Mickey 7:15 check in at Chef Mickey, reservations 7:30

8:30-8:45 leave to ride monorail back to magic kingdom.

Park Opening 9:00am

When park opens send one person to get double stroller (remember to get length of stay stroller passes) and other person with kids, walking up main-street and through castle to Fantasyland

Ride Dumbo IMMEDIATELY. Then Peter Pan. Small World

SNACK if wanted

After that you can ride (in no particular order) Carousel, Winnie the Pooh, (I’d avoid Snow White, has a tendency to freak little girls out a bit), Philharmagic, & teacups.

Go into Tomorrowland ride Buzzlightyear, Monsters Incorporated, & Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

LUNCH: Crystal Palace 12:50 reservation

Back to resort for nap/ swimming

Bus stop to Epcot between 3-4pm depending on how long you rest.

If there is no “wrap around” line for Spaceship Earth (giant ball) go ahead and ride.

To to RIGHT at fountain. Everything you will do will be on this side of the park. Ride Journey into Imagination, See Captain EO, Living with the Land, Living Seas with Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush

DINNER: Coral Reef Restaurant (near the Living Seas) 6:05

Do a little shopping. Mouseworks is one of the best shopping centers in Disney property in my opinion. If you are feeling like it stay to watch fireworks @ 9:00. IF you stay someone needs to grab seats around the circle otherwise head back to the resort.

SNACK back at the resort

– Meals Remaining 10 / 7 snacks

Sunday –(hollywood studios morning/ magic kingdom evening)

Breakfast SNACK at the Grab n Go at the Resort. There use to be small boxes of doughnuts that counted as “snacks”. If you can use a snack instead of a meal here that’s smart! Or you can bring some breakfast bars with you on the trip and eat those and use your re-fill cup for coffee.

Be at bus stop for Hollywood Studios by 8:15am

Park opening at 9:00am

DO NOT GET THE STROLLER! YOU WILL PICK IT UP LATER. You need to be as close to the front and to the left side when they do the “rope drop performance”.

As soon as he says “Welcome to Hollywood” start moving forward and to the right. They will route you because everybody will be moving in that direction. You want to go to towards Pixar Place. They’ll be routing you!!

Ride Toy Story Mania!

Send someone to go pick up the stroller and bring it back while the rest of you wait for either Little Mermaid or Playhouse Disney show. See Little Mermaid, Playhouse Disney Show. Go through line near Magic of Disney Animation to go to Character greetings. Don’t sit through the show. Get autographs.

After your done head to the right, back through Pixar Place, keep going and meet Lightning McQueen & Mater.

After that head to Muppets 3D.

LUNCH 11:00am 50’s Prime Time Diner

After lunch head back to the resort for a rest!

Be on bus to Magic Kingdom by 3:00pm

Go into the castle to the Bibbidy Bobbidi Bootique. (remember to have your costumes with you)Bibbity 3:50pm

DINNER x 2 Cinderella’s Royal Table 5:15pm
After dinner head over to Adventureland

Ride Aladdins magic carpet, Tiki room, Pirates of the Caribbean (if lines not over 20 min. BE SURE YOURE IN LEFT line its shorter), Jungle Cruise.

Go get a spot for Main Street Electric Parade by 8:15pm latest. ( Best spot we’ve found is right in front of the Barber shop on that corner.)

9:00pm Main Street Electric Parade

10:00 Wishes Fireworks (walk right to the middle of the circle to see fireworks).

Back to the resort after.

– Meals remaining 7/ snacks 6

Monday- (epcot morning/afternoon Animal Kingdom)

Be at bus stop to Epcot 8:15am

Park opens at 9:00am

When park opens at 9:00am walk to the right toward “The Land” to get fast passes for Soarin’

Then go back towards World Showcase. Tell them you have reservations at Akershush, head to Left

BREAKFAST: Akershush 9:30am (wear costumes)

After Breakfast go and ride Soarin’

Leave out of the front and grab bus to Animal Kingdom

Send someone to get Kali River Rapids fast pass, everyone else get the stroller & head towards Finding nemo

Finding Nemo show at 11:30, then play on Boneyard Playground (can ride Kali if fp comes due) until time for lunch

LUNCH: Yak & Yedi 1:30pm

Ride Kali River Rapids & Kilemenjaro Safari

Find a spot to watch the parade (we like patio at Pizzafari) by 2:45 (lots of places to sit)

Jammin’ Jungle Parade 3:45!

Go into camp Minnie Mickey & get some autographs if you want to before the show.

Lion King show 4:45

Head back to the resort to relax and swim for the evening.

Grab DINNER at the resort & a snack sometime during the day (you’ll be bushed)

– Meals remaining 4/ snacks 5 –

Tuesday –(magic kingdom- I’d say pick whatever park you want, but I know you’ll pick MK)

Be on the bus to Magic Kingdom by 8:00am, ride RESORT monorail to Polynesian

MEAL: Breakfast at O’Hana at 9:00am

Head to Magic Kingdom

When arrive go straight to “Toon Town”. Go see Tinkerbelle & Fairies in the Toontown Judges Tent/ Mickey/ Minnies house. (all of this will be gone next time you come here).

Lunch: Tonys Town Square 1:05

Have fun and do whatever you want! Remember, if the line is over 20 minutes don’t wait.

Dinner: 1900 park fare 6:00pm
– Meals remaining 1/snacks? –

Wed- (breakfast & back home)

*Drop your luggage off at the front of the resort BEFORE leaving for Breakfast Reservations*

Be out at 7:45am to ride bus to Hollywood Studios When you arrive head to the FAR RIGHT down to the boat-dock. Ride boat to Beach Club stop. (unless you see a bus to the Beach/Yacht Club there dropping people off, then you can jump on that bus).

Breakfast Cape May 9:00am

**Be back at whatever time they tell you for Disney’s Magical Express**