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by Devo CabDisney

About four months ago, I visited Walt Disney World. I noticed some habits that angered me. I wanted to write an article about what I noticed, but was so mad that I thought it may be a bad idea. I didn’t want anyone to think I was being too harsh or “going off” on anyone. I’m still not happy about it, but I’ve cooled down and decided to go ahead and write that article. So please read and receive it in the spirit that it’s intended. It’s not a happy article. It’s a stern one, with the intention to help us all be better. It’s not an article to help you maneuver through the parks faster or save you money on your next vacation. It’s an article about our unofficial, unspoken responsibilities while on vacation.

imageIt is said that while designing and building Disneyland, Walt Disney did a study and carefully observed people and their habits. In general, parks had a bad reputation for being dirty, and Walt wanted his new Disneyland to be much different; to “plus it” if you will. He observed that on average, people are typically willing to carry trash about 30 steps before dropping the trash on the ground. That’s why you will usually see trash cans about every 30 feet in the parks. That’s no joke! Look around the next time you’re there and you will see that there are trash cans everywhere! You’ll also find that they coordinate with the area’s theme. Disney has certainly put a lot of thought into trash. That’s because they care about the appearance and cleanliness of the parks. They want it to be in tip-top shape in order for you to leave the world of reality and enter fantasy!

I have to say, I’ve noticed over time that the trash situation in Disney parks is getting worse. The last time I visited Walt Disney World, I was totally blown away by the amount of trash left behind by guests. Trash on rides, in the trains, on the sidewalks, in the water, in the landscaping, in the streets, on the retail shelves. Come on people! Is this really what we’ve come to? Maybe I’m preaching the choir here, but if we can all be proactive, we can fix this problem!

imageSometimes it’s not as noticeable. Maybe we’ve become immune to it. But I remember one night after Wishes, I walked across the hub and I actually became angry. The hub was completely covered with trash. You could not take one step without stepping on or kicking trash. Even though I did not contribute to this mess, I felt the need to apologize to Cast Members, especially to those tasked with cleaning up.

Don’t be trashy! Don’t be the person that thinks “I spent thousands of dollars to be here so I’ll do whatever I want.”  No amount of money gives you the right to trash property that belongs to someone else. You’re on an expensive vacation; I get that! No one wants to carry trash; I get that! But with trash cans every 30 feet, you have no real excuse! And if you are going to leave your trash everywhere, don’t complain when costs go up because Disney has to hire more Cast Members to clean up after you!

imageI don’t intend for this to sound too harsh, but we really need to be more respectful. It’s 30 steps, people! But here’s a tip for you if 30 steps is just too much. If you carry a bag such as a backpack, keep a plastic bag inside and place your trash in it. That way you don’t have to hold onto the trash, and then when you come to a trash can, you can empty your bag. If we all commit to staying accountable for throwing away our trash, the parks will look so much nicer, and everyone will be so much happier!

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