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By Dopey Diva

    I recently returned from Disney World and had the opportunity to test out the new MagicBand system. They are still in testing phase and are only available to those staying in select resorts- but different resorts are being added each month.  To find out if you have been selected to test the MagicBand, you need to check your My Disney Experience on the website or contact your travel agent. Once you find out if you have been chosen to test them the first thing you get to do is customize them. This means you pick the color you want and have your name added to it. After customizing your bands they will be delivered to your home within 48 hours. If your trip would happen to be sooner than this the bands will be delivered to your resort.
What is a MagicBand?
 It is basically your Key to the World card without the worry of where is your card. The MagicBand allows you entry to your hotel room, all parks, including water parks (and the bands are also waterproof). The bands are used for your dining meals. If you are on the dining plan they automatically deduct your amount of meals and snacks. You may use the bands to make purchases. Upon designing your MagicBand you will enter a PIN number that will be used when making any dining or other purchases. You will need to remember this PIN number for all meals or purchases. Make sure everyone in your group with purchasing privileges knows the PIN number. There will also be a credit card linked to your MagicBand. Any charges that are not covered through your dining plan will be charged to that credit card. You may also use it to shop if you prefer to not carry another form of payment while in the parks.
Fast Pass+
 With your MagicBand you are given the opportunity to use the Fast Pass+ system. What this means is you get to pick 3 fast passes per day at one park. This can also be done under My Disney Experience and they are able to be changed if for some reason your plans would change. They not only include rides but also meet and greets to certain characters, and special seating for fireworks or parades. This helps eliminate the rush upon arrival to certain parks for those highly coveted fast passes (such as Toy Story Mania).
Photo Pass
   Your MagicBand can also be used as your photo pass. When you go to any photographer using the Photo Pass system all they have to do is scan your MagicBand and your pictures are automatically saved. If I had my Photo Pass card with me I chose to have it and the MagicBand scanned just to be cautious but there were times I only had the MagicBand and my photos all turned up on my photo pass site.
Kids & MagicBand
   I have a 3 yr. old and a 14 yr. old. There were no problems with my 14 yr. old using the MagicBand. I even allowed him to have the PIN number and he never abused it. My 3 yr. old on the other hand would take his MagicBand off. Luckily he never dropped it or lost it but I worried he might so I  usually kept his in my pocket or on a belt loop to be on the safe side. I recommend those with younger children to keep a close eye on their MagicBand. On the plus side, your name is inside your MagicBand so while we were at Disney World my 3 yr. old learned how to spell his name!
All in all I would say the MagicBand is a great new addition to Disney. I greatly enjoyed using them on our trip and look forward to using them again!