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By D’land Diva


There are many dining options in Downtown Disney. The choices range from a quick bite of Mexican food, to sandwiches, to a full service Gospel Brunch.

Catal Restaurant
This restaurant is located at the center of Downtown Disney and features steak, salads and Mediterranean food. You have two seating options, inside for a more formal dining experience or outside for a more casual experience. Menu items can be pricey.

Earl of Sandwich

Downtown Disney’s newest eatery is a big hit here on the West Coast. Sandwiches a very well priced and there is a large outdoor, covered, seating area.

All American cuisine (aka hamburger) is king here and there is plenty to see and play inside this restaurant. The prices are pretty standard for a casual restaurant.

During the hot summer months, this place can be packed! All your favorite ice cream choices are available here, including sorbet. Ice Cream drinks and smoothies are also on the menu.

House of Blues
This restaurant is full of live entertainment, concerts and on Sundays, a Gospel Brunch. The Gospel Brunch features a Southern Breakfast inspired buffet. Food at House of Blues includes shrimp, steaks, burgers and ribs and of course, jambalaya.

Jamba Juice
Get your smoothie fix here! Jamba features a variety of fruit smoothies and small snacks like quick breads. Diva Tip: Prices are slightly higher than they are at Jamba Juice stores outside the park.

La Brea Bakery Cafe
La Brea Bakery got it’s start in Los Angeles and quickly became known for its delicious Artisan breads. The bakery at Downtown Disney features sandwiches using this delicious bread, as well as other tasty meal time treats. There are two sides to the cafe, one side being a table service and the other a quick service option.

Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria
Pizza is prepared in a wood burning oven at this table service restaurant. Pastas and salads are also available. Can be a bit pricey.

This is a more affordable option to Naples Ristorante. Seating is limited, but this counter service restaurant offers pizzas, salads, pastas and panini sandwiches.

Rainforest Cafe
Be sure to call ahead for reservations at this Downtown Disney eatery. The ambiance is the real fun in this jungle themed restaurant. D’land Diva son, four years old, LOVES to watch the elephants and waterfalls at Rainforest Cafe. Menu items vary, from pastas to hamburgers.

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen
This Cajun food restaurant also offers live entertainment. Food is rich and delicious. I am especially fond of the soups on them menu- and the bread pudding is not to be missed!

Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s
The best thing about this quick service restaurant  is that you can build your own tacos, burritos and nachos!

Tortilla Jo’s
On any given evening, you can find live Mariachi music at this Mexican food table service restaurant. There is a hand made tortilla station and menu offerings from taquitos to nachos to special Mexican culinary traditions.  There are indoor and outdoor seating options and happy hour every weekday evening.

Uva Bar
If you are walking through Downtown Disney, you will not be able to miss this bar, which sits smack dab in the middle of the walk way. There is usually a crowd and is best known for its cocktails and craft beers. The Uva Bar also offers some meal options like flat bread pizza, salads and hamburgers.

Wetzel’s Pretzels
This mall staple is quite popular for the crowds seeking a snack and a break from the theme parks. The pretzels are rich and buttery and served with a variety of dips. Get some lemonade to balance out the saltiness of your snack with a sweet treat.