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By Pink Diva

If you are going to visit the characters at Disney, then you may want their autographs.  Each one has their own unique signature and it’s a fun way to remember your trip.  Disney has the classic autograph books available for purchase (anywhere from $7-$20).  They range from books only for autographs, books for autographs and pictures, and books for autographs, pictures and a place to write your memories.

While these are great, they usually end up on a shelf or in a box somewhere.  I wanted to do something a little different.  During our Perfect Princess Day my daughter and I also asked for the autographs of the princesses we met.  I made her book so that we could frame the autographs later.


  • Card stock
  • Hole Punch
  • Ring Fasteners (or anything you want to hold your book together

materials I had on hand

I picked up the card stock at our local craft store.  Because I wanted specific colors I bought the paper individually, but they also come in multi-colored packs.  Because I have a love of Pinterest and a pile of half-finished projects, I had extra card stock lying around that I used for the front and back covers.

I took a 4×6 photo to measure how big the book needed to be.  Leave extra room on one side to bind your book together.  I cut one extra rectangle out and used that as my prototype to cut the rest.  I also used that one as my template for the holes so that they all ended up in about the same place.


My template and back cover

After everything was cut out I wrote on the back in pencil which color went with which princess.  I then grouped them together by which princesses we were seeing together.  Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa are all in Fairytale Hall, so they were next to each other in the book.  Or if you like a fun random book, do you own thing.  That’s the best part of DIY.  You can make it your own.  Have it all one color.  Or every different color.  Add stickers at the end-whatever you want!


How I kept them straight

I had ring fasteners on hand (again, from another Pinterest project) so I used two of them to bind the book together.  You could use ribbon, staples, pipe cleaners, or leave them loose and stick them in a baggie.

Our book didn’t take up much room and was extremely light, so I didn’t mind carrying it around all day.  I brought a brand-new black Sharpie with us as well so that the autographs looked their best.  Try to keep a pen or marker with you, but if you lose it or forget there is usually someone nearby that has one to loan you.

photo (5)

The finished book

We toured the Magic Kingdom getting all the princesses autographs.  We were successful in all but Belle.  She does not do autographs at her Storytime and we didn’t eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table (if/when she is there), so we popped over to Epcot a few days later and scored hers there.

I knew I wanted to hang the autographs with the pictures together and put it on my daughter, Anna’s wall in her room.  Out shopping one day I found a large collage photo frame for $10.  I paired the autographs with the photo’s and assembled.  I had one square open and had Anna do her autograph and placed it in the middle.

She now has an autograph “book”, photos, a wall decoration, and a great souvenir all in one!  Plus, it was very little effort on my part.

Have you made your own autograph book?  Or turned a Disney item into a keepsake?  What have you done with your favorite Disney pictures?