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By Pink Diva

There are lots of different ways to decorate your Christmas tree-sentimental ornaments, specific colors, home-made, or fun themes.  Personally, I like my tree with colored lights and different colored bulbs.  Not very sentimental, but I love the way the colors on the ornaments twinkle when reflecting the lights.  Plus, with little kids, the ones that are breakable (not many of those left!) won’t be missed.

Putting stickers on an ornament

Putting stickers on an ornament

Painting her ornament

Painting pink for Aurora

I’m also one of those people who will put a decorated tree in every room of the house.  I currently have a 9ft in the living room, a 4ft in the kids’ playroom, a small pink one for my daughter’s room, a small blue one for my son’s room and a felt one on the wall for the kids to mess around with.  My second-floor tree for my mismatched ornaments finally kicked the bucket and I haven’t replaced it yet.

Princess Ornaments

Princess ornaments waiting to dry.

This year for the kids’ tree they wanted to decorate it with their favorite characters-Princesses and Superheroes.  I could have probably bought each individual ornament, but where is the fun in that?  And I found some cute ideas on Pinterest I wanted to try out.

Mickey Ornaments

Mickey sticker ornaments. The green one on the left was painted from the inside and has a more glossy look.

First step was to head to the craft store!  I choose clear plastic bulbs so that I could paint them.  Using a 50% off coupon I was able to get 25 for around $10.  Colored ones would make this project go much easier and quicker, but I like to pretend I’m crafty.  I picked up a few tubes of paint that I was missing, along with glitter paint.  Add in a few sheets of stickers and I was done.

Princess Ornaments

Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White

Next up was painting.  I did the Mickey and Minnie ones after the kids went to bed so I could figure out the best way to do it.  I removed the top/hanger part from the ornament and held on there while I painted.  I always ending up with paint on my fingers while putting the ornament down once it was painted.  Other than that, there was little mess.


Elsa and Anna. Anna was the hardest because of all the little dots.

I painted one from the inside, but that took a lot of paint.  And it wasn’t very easy getting the paint all around the ornament.  It takes a lot of patience and ornament twirling and tipping to get it all covered.  The end result looks wonderful, but for my time and energy it was best to paint the outside.


Next up were the Princesses and Superhereos.  (I know the Superheroes aren’t all technically Disney, but that’s what my little guy is into right now)  We made a list of which ones we wanted to do.  We ended up with 12 Princesses and 4 Superheroes.  My daughter was a little more excited about the project, so she took the majority of the ornaments.

Princess Ornaments

Rapunzel, Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana. I should have done different greens for Tiana.

I set them up and we started painting.  Since we knew what colors we wanted for which character, it went pretty smoothly.  She ended up doing the first coat for most of them and I finished the second and if needed, the third.  Once they dried, we added the different colored glitter paint.  Definitely the way to go.  You could add glitter when the paint is wet, but this was way less messy and went on pretty evenly.

Princess Ornaments

Merida, Mulan, Pocohontas. These were the hardest to find symbols for. I think we did a pretty good job.

After they all dried I downloaded each Princess and Superhero symbol onto the Cricut.  Since I have zero artistic ability this was the easiest way for me.  You may prefer to buy stickers and put them on or if you are really talented, paint them yourself.  I printed out all of the symbols and attached them to the ornaments.

This whole project could be done in a long afternoon.  It can be as easy as putting stickers on pre-colored bulbs or as intricate as painting it all by hand.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  Show us your DIY Disney ornaments in the comments!

Superhero Ornaments

Again, not all Disney, but the Superheroes we did.

I've been going to Disney most of my life on vacations, but thanks to the Air Force we now live within driving distance! We bought annual passes before the boxes were unpacked. My husband and I have enjoyed watching our princess obsessed 4 year old and Mickey-loving toddler experince the Disney Magic. When not at Disney you can find me attepting to be crafty, trying to read a book or wrangling the two kids, two dogs and two cats.