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Author: Diva Planner

There is something I always look forward to while in Disney… EATING of course! My husband and I had a schedule full of some amazing restaurants – a few of our favorites and a few new ones to try. However this time, something was much different.
Normally this would send me into a bit of a frenzy – however Disney does food allergies so extremely well, I wasn’t concerned at all! During all of my dining reservations, they noted my allergy and assured me that all would be fine.
And it was more than fine. It was amazing.
At each restaurant, it was noted on our little reservation slip that I had an allergy. At a few restaurants, the waitress/waiter could help me navigate the menu – but at most restaurants the chef came directly to our table. That’s right, we got to meet the chefs! They helped me decide what I could have on the menu – or how they could change it to make it gluten free.
Like my gluten free Mickey waffles. I would love to have an endless supply of these. So yummy.
And sometimes, they even made me my own dish! Take O’hana for example. This is hands down our favorite restaurant. They continue to bring you side dishes and meat.
However, a lot of the food has gluten in it. So the chef made me my own chicken wings, vegetables and rice — and let me know what meats were okay to have. They almost had to roll us out of the restaurant.
At other restaurants, the entrees I enjoyed included sauces I normally couldn’t have as they took special care to make sure it was gluten free. They even brought me gluten free bread and rolls!
But most importantly, I had the most amazing desserts. It’s a wonder I didn’t gain 10 pounds on this vacation!
It’s okay to drool over the photos – I sure am!
So needless to say, having a food intolerance or allergy is no big deal at Disney. They take extra care to make sure you don’t have a reaction of any kind – so you can truly enjoy your vacation! Just make sure to have it noted on your reservations! Bon Appetite!