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IMG_7691By D’land Diva

Now, through Sunday, April 20th (Easter Sunday) park guests on both coasts will have the chance to hunt for Easter eggs Disney style! The hunt takes place at Epcot, Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure. And there’s a prize involved!

The hunt begins with the purchase of a map, which comes with stickers, for $4.95 plus tax at these store locations:

Epcot– Heritage Manor at the American Adventure Pavilion, Disney Traders, International Gateway, Pin Central and Port of Entry

Disneyland– Disney Showcase, Fairy Tale Treasures, Gag Factory, Pieces of Eight and Pooh Corner

California Adventure– Elias & Co., Oswald’s, Radiator Springs Curios, Rushin’ River Outfitters, Studio Store and Treasures in Paradise

Now for the fun part! Let’s talk about the hunt itself!


Upon purchase, guests have a map and stickers. The locations of the eggs are on the map and once you find the egg, you are to put a sticker on the map. The eggs you are looking for are not just any Easter egg- they are large and very cutely decorated like familiar Disney characters.

Guests must search around the park given the location clues on the map. Diva Tip: Most of the eggs are not at eye level. Look up and look down! And here’s another Diva Tip: You will get a prize even if you DON’T find all the eggs, so just have some fun with it.

The D’land Diva family set about our egg hunt on Saturday over in California Adventure. We bought our map at Oswald’s and then had a great deal of fun searching for the eggs. Most of the eggs were quite easy to spot (the location clues and the eggs themselves are pretty visible). There were one or two eggs, however, that challenged us. If you have small children, they will most likely need assistance.


After the hunt, we returned our completed maps to Elias & Co. where our map was stamped and the kids were shown to a table with several large plastic eggs. They were given clues about what was under the eggs (there were some boy friendly and some girl friendly and some critter friendly). D’land Diva son and daughter each chose their egg and under it was a smaller plastic egg.


The eggs were super cute- one was Mickey Mouse and the other was Daisy Duck. Although the eggs opened, there was nothing inside. Both D’land Diva kids loved their eggs and spent the rest of the evening holding them and loving on them (thanks folks on the train who looked for D’land Diva baby’s dropped egg!). Diva Tip: They are kind of small, so putting them in a pocket is probably a good idea!


Here are the places where you can turn in your map for a prize, and again, you DO NOT have to find all the eggs this year:

Epcot- Disney Traders

Disneyland- Disneyland Showcase (we saw the table set up outside the door)

California Adventure- Elias & Co. (we found the table in the toy section in the middle of the store)

The Egg-Stravangaza is one fun way to celebrate Spring at Disney Resorts. Have fun!