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By: Disneylove Diva

024Bonjour everyone and welcome to Enchanted Tales with Belle! As you enter the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom you can immediately spot Belle’s cottage and in the background Beast’s castle. Don’t worry, you will be visiting both on your journey. This attraction takes you back to the day Belle and Beast fell in love and on the journey into this magical day, you will meet some of the famous characters from the movie such as: the Wardrobe, Lumiere, and even Belle herself. So come and step foot into the magical world of Beauty and the Beast.

This attraction takes you into three different rooms: Belle’s cottage, the room with the Wardrobe where kids can become pat of the show, and finally the library where Lumiere is waiting for you so we can all surprise Belle. But you must wonder, “How do we enter Beasts castle? It is so far away?” It is simple really. Just walk through the magic mirror and just like that you are in the castle. This attraction is great for anyone who is wanting to meet Belle without waiting in an extremely long line. When in the room with the Wardrobe, kids who want to be part of the show can. There are enough 027parts for everyone who wants to interact with Belle. Once everyone receives their parts, you will enter the library and Lumiere explains how Belle doesn’t know that you are there and how you will surprise her by acting out the day she and Beast fell in love.   Diva Tip: Be part of the show! If you have a part in the show you can have your photograph taken with Belle.

My personal take on this show is that it is very cute and air-conditioned. However older kids or adults may become bored because this is more of a children’s attraction. With that being said it is still a cute show.  This really is a fantastic attraction for people who have kids that love Belle. During my experience it was heart warming to watch the kid’s faces light up when Belle walks through the double doors. That made my entire day. Because this is such a popular attraction at the Magic Kingdom, it can have quite a long wait. So my tip to you is if you want to do this, get a fastpass. Because I am a kid at heart I would use one of my 030fastpasses on this attraction.

Now for handicap accessibility. The show will allow wheelchairs but only two at a time so if you don’t have a fastpass this could increase your wait time. If using an ECV you will be asked to transfer to a wheelchair. If someone has trouble standing for long periods of time I would recommend getting a wheelchair because of the long wait.

Here comes my specialty, Hidden Mickey’s!! I absolutely love looking for Hidden Mickey’s all over WDW, however, Enchanted Tales with Belle is only home to one. This Hidden Mickey is very easy to find. I will give you a hint:  it is made up of three logs. So look for the logs and 034you should be able to spot the Mickey super easy. So be sure to visit the Enchanted Tales with Belle and as always have fun!