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Author: Canadian Diva
Where can you meet the most famous and original Disney gang? You can meet the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie,Donald, Pluto and Goofy) at the Epcot Character Spot. The Epcot Character Spot is located near the Innoventions West Building in Future World West in the Epcot Theme Park. The Fab Five (and sometimes Chip and Dale) are all on hand to meet, greet, sign autograph books and have their photos taken with you. They are all dressed in their iconic traditional clothes (except for Pluto of course).

Our family enjoyed meeting the Fabulous Five……..

We first met Mickey, who is as entertaining and endearing as ever!!

Pluto was fun.

Minnie, who was adorable and a darling. She noticed my daughter’s birthday button with her name. She took the time to write my daughter’s name with a sweet birthday message. I fell in love with Minnie’s cute interaction with our family. I even kept blowing kisses to her as we were saying good-bye and she blew kisses back!

Donald was a chivalrous gentleman (ahem, I should say gentle-duck), who noticed my daughter in her Birthday Princess Dress. He held her hands, waltzed her around then twirled her into a big hug. You can see the smile on my daughter’s face with Donald’s wings wrapped around her!

And Goofy, was well, Goofy!!

Going through the line of meeting them, you don’t feel too rushed. Your family will get quite a good interactive time with each of them. Just be mindful that there are others behind you who are also excited to meet them. There are also Photopass photographers for each character. (note: we did not use the Photopass on our trip but it is great to use, see here)

The only downside is the queue. Our family waited about 40 minutes in line, and this line was not interactive or creative like Magician Mickey’s Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom, or Disney Hollywood Studio’s Pixar Toy Story Meet and Greet. There is a little television screen, seen in the photo at the top, which replays the same animation sequence over and over again. So be prepared to entertain your children in line or start talking to the parents and children who are waiting as well, to help pass the time.

Since the Epcot Character Spot can take a big chunk of your Epcot touring day, your family may be better off booking a character meal especially if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.
Chef Mickey’s have all the Fab Five dressed in Chef’s outfits. Cape May Cafe has Minnie, Donald and Goofy in cool surfer clothes, Donald Duck is ready for a Safari at the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. Having a meal and meeting your child’s favorite characters, is a great way to use your time without cutting into your touring schedule.

Our family was not on the Dining Plan on our last trip, so the Epcot Character was perfect for us to meet the Fab Five together.

You can also meet these characters in various parts around Disney World, however this Epcot Spot is the only place where you get to actually meet and take photos with them in their Traditional Clothes. If you are into Disney Character nostalgic, then this is definitely the place for you.

Diva tips on meeting the Fab Five at the Epcot Character Spot:

  • Pick up a Time’s Guide when you enter Epcot so you can plan your touring plan around meeting them. Try to get there early, so that you can have more time for touring the rest of Epcot later.
  • Bring your own autograph book to save money, see a great article here.
  • or a great new way to get autographs… right (or write!) on your Ipad. See Disney Diva’s article here on this great new innovative way to get character autographs!!
  • Stock up on Black Sharpie’s from your local store and bring them for characters to sign. The Fab Five’s hands would really appreciate the thick markers to autograph their signature for your little ones (do not bring Green Sharpies because they stain their clothes).
  • Wear a celebratory button(given out for free at the guest services when you enter or at any Disney Resort that you may be staying at) The Fab Five will definitely recognize your special occasion and have fun celebrating with you.

Most importantly, no matter how old or how cool you are, enjoy your time with them, laugh with them and even hug them. The memories of meeting them will last forever and will tickle you with happiness every time you look back at the spot you met them.