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Expedition Everest Challenge

Well the first “race” towards the wine and dine half is over now. G and I completed the Expedition Everest 5K in Disney World. It was really fun.

The race didnt start until 7 at night and the first mile was on the parking lot. Needless to say it was hot from the asphalt soaking up the Florida sun. People were having to stop like crazy. I almost felt like because I was from the humid south we had an advantage!
I have to admit I was a bit shocked (And irritated b/c I had to move around them and would get stuck between the fast people from the heats coming up behind me and the walkers) at the amount of people who walked. George and I ran the whole time which I was pretty proud of.

Especially because we did it on the backside of a 7 day trip to Disney. Which means I’d been hoofing it around for 7 days before that and my legs and tootsies were aching.

At the after party we realized the timing chip fell off Georges shoe which was insanely irritating as we made pretty good time. My watch said we made it in 34:32 which was nice timing when matched up with the 4 obstacles in the course.

We had to walk across a pretty high balance beam right after mile 1. After mile 2 marker we ran the tires. 2.5 we jumped over hay bales (this was particularly hard bc they were not lit well and it was hard to see where to land.). Then right at the end of the 3.1 we had to crawl under a long netting. My stupid water bottle on my back kept getting hung up in the net.

The most irritating part was that we didnt KNOW we had crossed the finish line. We did the last thing and started running again and they were waving us towards the line to go pick up the first scavenger hunt clue. So basically we had no idea we were done till way down the road, then once we got the clue we realized we were on the scavanger hunt now and could walk. So a bit of a buzz kill there.

We have no idea what we finished the whole thing in b/c we lost the timing chip. But it was fun and I’d run it again. The finisher medals were REALLY cool and opened into a compass. SWEET!

We got back on Sunday and on my new training plan monday was a rest day (thank goodness)!!

Tuesday I ran 30 min intervals
then THURSDAY I ran 4.2 miles (distance day) in 53. Not bad considering I dont think I’ve ever run that far before. hahaha

In the words of Walt Disney – Keep Moving Forward!

My next race will be a 10K and is in the beginning of August I think.