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By Pin Trading Diva"Summer of Heroes" in California Adventure / Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

Summer 2017 is all about the heroes of the Marvel Universe at Disney’s California Adventure! From meet and greets with some of the Avenger’s finest to galactic eateries to one of the most anticipated ride releases of the year – “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!”, there is something for everybody to experience this season. This article gives you just a taste of what “missions” are available in the park – you will have to visit in person to get the full effect of what the “Summer of Heroes” is truly like!



MISSION 1: Guard the Galaxy

"Summer Heroes" at California Adventure / Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!Rocket is calling all resort guests to help breakout the Guardians of the Galaxy team in the new “drop” ride: “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!” that replaced the Tower or Terror ride in Hollywood Land. Just heading over to this part of the park is action packed: with the epic music playing and details of the towering building housing the Collector’s rarities (and Rocket’s team) are awe inspiring. If you want to ride this ride, be aware that so does everyone else in the park. Fastpasses are completely distributed by noon and the stand by lines get as long as 3 and a half hours! But the wait is worth it if you are a diehard fan. Also, be sure to check out our review of the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie here.





"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure / Guardians of the Galaxy Dance Party

If you are not a fan of “drop” rides, no need to fear! You can still experience all the GOTG (Guardians of the Galaxy) fun without riding the ride. Along with an exciting merchandise shop where you can grab all the latest GOTG swag (Baby Groot keychains are all sold out right now ☹) there is a Dance Party out front that includes Star Lord, Gamora, and of course everyone’s favorite Groot! As a strategy to keep the Collector’s thermal dynamic sensors awry, Star Lord encourages guests to join a dance party (using music from the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 & 2). Guests are brought up to join in on the fun and yes, even Gamora busts a move or two! This family friendly show is short and sweet (only 10 minutes long) and really pumps up the crowd. Plus, Groot makes a short appearance afterwards for pictures – but if you don’t catch him then, he does come out sporadically throughout the day as well. Be sure to check it out when you are in Hollywood Land!


"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure / Guardians of the Galaxy Dance Party


MISSION 2: Become a Hero

In the Hero Action Center, the area next to Monsters Inc in the back of Hollywood Land, there are several Hero related activities to experience that involve the Avenger’s Super Heroes. To start there is a small booth where you take a short personality test that tells you what hero trait you have most, and which super hero that corresponds to. I ended up with Enlightenment (Doctor Strange) and my mom got Honor (Captain America). You then receive a corresponding sticker, small comic book guide that talks about super hero traits, and a photo op to show off your powers.

DIVA TIP: These comics are great items for you to get signed when you meet your favorite super heroes!

"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure



"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure / Meeting Black WidowThere is also a bunch of heroic photo opportunities to take part in! Along with taking pictures with Black Widow (she arrives in a SHIELD truck – how epic is that!), you can take your picture with Captain America and Spiderman. When the heroes aren’t out, there are still photographers hovering around the “Police Station” backdrop with props so that you can show off your hero side too. My mom and I got to play with Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield and the photographer was very open to trying out different poses like this one of my mom throwing the shield. Feel free to get creative with your shots!



"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure


For the little ones (ages 6-12) there is the Avengers Training Initiative where they can train with Black Widow and Hawkeye to become their very own Avenger! You must sign up for this activity because of the limited number of participants in each session so head over to the Hollywood Studios Backlot (near where Muppets 3D used to be) to sign up. This is similar to the Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland and just like the crowds there, parents be sure to snag a spot to watch your kiddos early – about 30-45 minutes early because there is limited seating. But battling the crowd is totally worth it when you see your little Avenger up on stage!



MISSION 3: Attacking Your Appetite

"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure / New Foods at California AdventureBattle your hunger during the “Summer of Heroes” with some limited food items that are sure to pack a punch! The fan favorite right now is the Groot bread (available ONLY in Hollywood Land). Those things sell out fast to grab them first thing in the morning to make sure you get one! They also have jalapeno cheddar Groot bread (only sold at the alcoholic beverage booth: Cosmic Canteen). With over 20 new items to try like Hulk sized donuts, green Gamora inspired tortillas, and even “spinal fluid” shaved ice there are tons of options for all heroes.




New Foods at "Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure

I tried the “Obviously Nachos” for lunch, fried blue corn tortillas with red pepper cheese sauce, mojo-marinated chicken, chipotle crema, and green onions. They were very spicy but I washed it down with a refreshing Cherry Coke Freeze.  And for dessert I enjoyed one of the many “Bifrosties” or shaved ice cups. I tried the “Spider Venom” which included blue raspberry and cherry flavoring with a “web” of sweetened condensed milk on top. It was delicious!

Venture out and give a galactic treat a try the next time you visit!





"Summer of Heroes" at California Adventure And hidden over by the GOTG ride is a sealed Avengers capsule – what does it mean? Well know one knows! It is rumored that this detail will be revealed at this year’s D23 Expo, so look out for some Expo related articles coming soon!

California Adventure’s “Summer of Heroes” is only available to experience until September 10. Swing on down from a spider web or fly your Iron Man suit to Hollywood Land as soon as possible to become a hero and save the galaxy!


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