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Ok… well here’s one of my Top Tricks/ Tips… y’all ready?

If you are NOT staying on Disney property OR you can not drag your hiney out of bed top be there for park OPENING for early hours there is a trick to help you avoid the crowds.

My husband and I have tested it and it works at every park (in the mornings). We recommend always splitting the day into two parks. You go to one park in the mornings, then home for a rest in the afternoon, then back to a different park in the evening. It breaks up the possible boredom factor and keeps anticipation for the next park high.

Ok so here’s the big tip:

Step 1: Find out where early magic hours are on this webpage.

Step 2: Write down a chart of the days you’re going to be there, and the days morning magic are occuring. (let’s say you’re leaving this Saturday for a week, your chart would look like this:

Date Early morning
June 21 Animal Kingdom
June 22 Epcot
June 23 Hollywood Studios
June 24 Magic Kingdom
June 25 Animal Kingdom
June 26 Magic Kingdom
June 27 Animal Kingdom

Step 3:Then wherever the early magic hours were the day BEFORE go to that park the next morning.

For example:

Date Early Magic Hours Should go to
June 21 Animal Kingdom Magic Kingdom
June 22 Epcot Animal Kingdom
June 23 Hollywood Studios Epcot
June 24 Magic Kingdom Hollywood Studios
June 25 Animal Kingdom Magic Kingdom
June 26 Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom
June 27 Animal Kingdom Any park but AK!

So… why do we do this? Well… MOST people staying on the resort will take advantage of early magic hours. And even if they don’t the tendency is to go to the park that HOSTED early magic hours that morning. Which means if everybody went to Magic Kingdom on the morning of the 24th it will be FAR LESS CROWDED if you go on the 25th, b/c people will have already “experienced” that park.

You can also look at Touring to see their crowd calendar which is usually quite accurate.

So… if you cant be up and ready WHEN THE PARK OPENS for early hours, skip em and enjoy a slower crowd an hour later in a different park.