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Author: D’land Diva

For many Disneyland guests, the Finding Nemo Submarine ride may not be an option. Maybe they have the smallest of children who cannot handle the length of the ride or being in the dark. Maybe someone in their group does not like enclosed places. Maybe someone in the group is in a wheelchair or has limited mobility and is unable to walk up and down the windy stairs into the submarine ride. Or maybe a guest simply does not want to wait in the long lines that ride often has since it is a slow loading ride.

However, I am here to tell you that there is a wonderful option for those who think they may not be able to experience the Finding Nemo ride: the Marine Observation Outpost. The Outpost is a small room located near the loading docks to the subs.

To access the room, guests must walk through the ride exit, and ask a cast member about the observation room. There may be a small wait, if a group is already in the room. More often than not, however, we have been able to get right in.

The room is large, with two benches and plenty of space for strollers, wheelchairs or electric vehicles. It can also accommodate a fair amount of people. It is wonderfully themed, with lockers on either side of a large screen HD television. The television streams a video of what passengers see while on the submarine ride. The idea is that the guests in the observation room will experience what the guest on the ride experience. Diva Tip: The room is air conditioned. This can be a great place to relax in the cool air, especially for those sensitive to heat.

IMG_6924 Another Diva Tip: If you are a nursing mom, this can make for a great place to nurse. I speak from experience on this one! Oh, and for those of you Hidden Mickey searchers: look closely in the lockers. IMG_6928

The experience begins after the cast member explains a few things about the ride and maybe gives you a cool information (the equipment inside some of the lockers is used nightly by cast members). The cast member will then turn on the video and the room will darken. The room does get dark, and if you have a little one who is afraid of the dark, this may be a difficult experience until the video gets going and the room lights up. There are also a few scenes that may frighten younger viewers, with scary looking fish. My three year old son was scared initially of the scary fish, but now knows when to expect them. When the video ends, the lights come back on and you can exit on a door to right.

The next time you visit the Finding Nemo Submarine ride at Disneyland, be sure to check out this hidden treasure sure to delight the whole family!