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Five Things You May Not Have Seen or Done at Disneyland
By Tinker Belle Diva

Jingles King Arther Carrousel Disneyland

This is Jingles!

One of the reasons I love Disney compared to other theme parks is that attention to detail – those little things you may not have noticed, but are right in front of you. Today I want to tall you about five of those you may not have seen or done at Disneyland.

Little Man of Disneyland

Little Man of Disneyland’s Home

Number 1 – Ride Jingles on King Arthur Carrousel. King Arthur Carrousel is an original 1955 attraction, but another great reason to ride is the opportunity to be astride Jingles, who was Walt’s favorite horse. The best way to make sure you get to ride on Jingles is to ask to wait for the next ride if you are not near the front of the line, watch where Jingles ends, and walk briskly there once the cast member opens the gate for you. Jingles is easy to identify with the row of bells that hang from both the front and the back. There is also a hidden Mickey on Jingles, but I won’t give that one away and let you find him for yourself.

Number 2 – Visit the Little Man of Disneyland. There is a Little Golden Book that was published in 1955, the same year Disneyland opened, called “Little Man of Disneyland“. It tells the story of a leprechaun, who lives in a tiny house at the roots of a Disneyland tree. You can find his home at the roots of the tree to the right of the entrance to Indiana Jones Adventure FastPass entrance. Just peak over the rock wall before you get to the entrance.

Welte Orchestrion

Welte Orchestrion

Number 3 – Stroll through the Penny Arcade. Have you been the Penny Arcade? Best known for Esmeralda, who will tell your fortune for just 25-cents, plus you can take home the fortune card as a souvenir! Throughout the store there are antique Mutoscopes and Cail-o-Scopes that play some of the world’s first motion pictures. Head to the back of the store and you will find another gem, the Welte Orchestrion. This was built in Germany in 1907 and purchased by Walt in 1953, and of course installed at Disneyland in 1955. It has pipes, bass drum, snare drum, timpani, cymbal, and triangle to simulate an orchestra, and plays every seven minutes. Penny Arcade is located on Main Street, U.S.A. on the left side (as you face Sleeping Beauty Castle) within the Candy Palace.

Toon Phone in Toontown

Talk on the Toon Phone

Number 4 – Interact with gags in Toontown. There are quite a few interactive experiences in Toontown. You can pick up a phone near the Gag Factory to listen in on a conversation between your favorite cartoon characters, or step on one of the brass plates next to the fountain by Mickey Mouse’s house to hear each instrument play. There are several more interactions in the building between the Gag Factory and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. How many can you find?

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Sit in one of the first two rows

Number 5 – See Max, Buff & Melvin from Country Bear Jamboree. The Country Bear Jamboree may have left Disneyland, but you can still find Max, Buff and Melvin, the three talking trophy heads, inside The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. They are hard to find, and you will need to sit in the first two rows, look up and backwards from your ride vehicle in the scene near the end of the ride where you cross from the area featuring Heffalumps and Woozles to where Winnie the Pooh enjoys his honey.

Do you have more to add to my five? Please leave them in the comments!

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