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By D’land Diva

Tips from the Disney Diva has offered some great advice about how to deal with meltdowns at Walt Disney World. But, Disneyland is an entirely different park, with some different meltdown triggers. This article is designed to help you spot the meltdown triggers at Disneyland and how to prevent them.

Meltdown Trigger #1

I have said it before: there are over one million Disneyland annual passholders. As a result, there is not really a down time of the year to visit. There is a less crowded time. Prepare yourself and your group. Know that there will be crowds and plan accordingly. Take advantage of fastpass. Get to the parks early in the morning. Hit up the most crowded rides and attractions first thing in the day. Eat at times the majority doesn’t. Get there before the designated time for shows.

Meltdown Trigger #2

Back in January, I was watching the weather channel discuss the snow blanketing the majority of the country. Here in Southern California, we were having a ninety-plus degree heat wave week. No joke. The weather at Disneyland can be very, very hot. I’m talking one hundred degrees plus during the summer months, and obviously sometimes this weather even happens in the wintertime. Take precautions for the weather. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Wear sunscreen. Drink a lot of water. Get yourself out of the heat and into the air conditioned stores or attractions periodically. Take advantage of water rides and the water play areas at California Adventure.

Meltdown Trigger #3
Sensory Overload

With the excitement, the crowds, and the heat, everyone can get a little bit of sensory overload. There is a lot going on, and if you have been to both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland you know that there is a lot going on in a smaller space at Disneyland. To avoid sensory overload, plan on avoiding the parade areas before and after parades. The same goes for fireworks time. Plan on visiting New Orleans Square and Critter Country before 7 p.m. and the masses enter to wait for Fantasmic! on the Rivers of America. When you start to feel your head pound, find an area like the one around the side of the castle where there are not many people hanging out. Sometimes you just need to look at the water and not look at all the people for a few minutes. Another idea is to take a load off at a restaurant and sip on a delicious drink.  If all else fails and you are really feeling the need, go to First Aid and get an ice pack and lay down for a few minutes. Don’t feel bad. This is not at all uncommon!

Meltdown Trigger #4

Disneyland is often open for twelve hours or more. While you may not stay in the park the entire twelve hours, the longer operating hours mean that you may be in the park longer. Often, the parks are open until midnight in the more crowded months. While this is wonderful news for theme park enthusiasts, it does make for more tiredness. Do your best to get a good night of rest the night before your trip. Take frequent sitting breaks. Take in a show or ride the train around the park if you need an extra half hour to sit down. Allow yourself some down time to recharge the old battery and then get back to the fun.

Meltdown Trigger #5

All the walking, excitement and delicious smells at Disneyland will make it seem like you are constantly hungry. Being hungry can lead to grumpiness. Make sure you have a good breakfast coming into the park. Bring in snacks if you can. Make sure you have some snacks with you when you get into lines. The lines at Disneyland during the summer and holiday times can exceed two hours- even at 10 p.m. It pays to have a snack in your pocket when you get into line to prevent a hunger meltdown. Be sure also to not skip meals. It’s tempting to skip lunch to get on more rides, but your body may revolt. You need the fuel!

So there you have it folks. These are some surefire strategies for avoiding meltdowns at the Happiest Place on Earth.