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By Allergy Mom Diva

Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort

Some of my most favorite memories are spending time with my family and friends at the Disneyland Resort. I had never considered visiting Disneyland by myself – wouldn’t it be awkward? Wouldn’t it be lonely? Wouldn’t everyone point and laugh at the weird girl at Disneyland by herself??

It turns out, the answer is NO! I recently visited the Disneyland Resort by myself, and it was simply… lovely! Here are some of the benefits of checking out the “Happiest Place on Earth” on a solo mission.

Wake Up Early… or Don’t

Do you have kids who wake up at 5:00 am every day, no matter how late they stayed up the night before (hello, my toddler)? Or, maybe you have a teenager who prefers to sleep until noon? It can be challenging to get everyone on the same schedule while vacationing.

Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort

When traveling by yourself, you can choose to wake up early and take a leisurely walk through Downtown Disney, grab a coffee and be in the parks for “rope-drop”… or you can lounge in bed, order room service, and enjoy a slow morning in your QUIET hotel room. It’s completely up to you (and, I must admit, a very difficult choice!)!

Whether it is taking an afternoon break or being the last guest on the Pirates of the Caribbean, it is always enjoyable to be on your own timetable.

Single Rider Lines Save the Day

Single Rider is a service that allows guests to significantly reduce wait times by boarding select attractions individually. On these attractions, guests enter the single rider line, which is usually much shorter than the regular line.

Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort

The single riders fill in the empty seats when there are an incomplete number of guests at the front of the standard line. For example, if a party of two are getting on Radiator Springs Racers, which seats three guests next to each other, the cast member can fill the third seat in that row with a single rider.

When traveling with your family or friends, many guests choose to skip the single rider line because they want to enjoy the attraction with their group. As a solo guest, bring on the single rider service! Between Disney FASTPASSES and single rider lines, waiting in lines by yourself can be kept to a minimum.

Let’s Shop

Unless I’m buying my daughter a toy, she could care less about wandering through all of the fun shops. My husband also has zero interest in the 152nd “cutest thing ever” that I just had to look at. Visiting the Disneyland Resort by myself allows me to (window) shop ‘til I drop… and there are no discussions with my child about how she needs another Princess Aurora doll, because “the Princess Aurora doll at home is actually a big sister, and how can Princess Aurora be a big sister without a little sister?” It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic.

Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Whether you are standing in line for the Haunted Mansion or choosing a tasty treat from Pooh Corner (get the Churro Toffee, you won’t regret it!), talk to the guests and cast members around you. Disneyland attracts people from all over the world, with backgrounds and experiences that can be very different from your own life. Strike up a conversation – you may meet your new Disney best friend just by saying hello!

Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort

My dad is great at learning a person’s life story in about 2.5 seconds, and it all stems from a genuine interest in the lives of other people. It’s impossible to be lonely at the Disneyland Resort if you are engaging in conversations with other guests and cast members.

Must Do’s

There are few other things that I must do when visiting Disneyland by myself. They include:

Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort

  • Non-stop snacking (seasonal churros, popcorn, beignets…the list is endless and no need to share with anyone!)
  • Riding attractions with height restrictions that my daughter can’t ride yet, like the Incredicoaster
  • Spontaneously stopping to watch the Dapper Dans, the Flag Retreat Ceremony, or anything else that catches my eye
  • Enjoying lobster nachos and a cocktail at the Lamplight Lounge (apparently food is a common theme on my trips)
  • Taking at least one photo with a character (#Disneyawkward always appreciates my photos)
  • Watching fireworks in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle (it’s much easier to navigate this space at the last minute when visiting by yourself)
  • Staying until the park closes – nighttime at the Disneyland Resort is absolutely magical (and there are fewer guests, since many guests leave after the fireworks)
  • And, of course, buying Princess Aurora’s “little sister” because I feel so guilty about leaving my daughter at home

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