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by Pixie Dusted Diva

Disney Store Summer Play Days

Every year, the Disney Store puts on FREE and FUN activities for kids to enjoy, while collecting a small token after the event. These events are better known as Summer Play Days at the Disney Store, which kicked off at your local Disney Store on June 10 with a Cars 3 event.


This year the Disney Store is advertising the event here as 3:00 p.m. daily, but I would suggest checking with your local store on the times. My store has a board outside the store (pictured) and will change the event. If you notice some days they have added an evening time of 6:30 p.m. That is why I take a picture, so we can keep track of the event type and time weekly. Sometimes, it’s in the afternoon and sometimes it’s in the morning. I actually like this better than the daily 3:00 p.m. time everyday as I do work and my kids will not be able to attend this year if the event is held every day at 3 p.m. We may only have the chance of going on Saturday or Sunday. So I stress the importance of checking with your local store to see if the events will be held at 3:00 p.m. or will vary.  My Disney Store is also in a shopping mall, and the shopping mall’s website will feature the times of the events as well.

My local store actually handed out a schedule today as well for the next two weeks which works out well. I am not sure if they will continue this 2 week schedule or if other stores will do this, but we received this schedule today as well.

The best part is these events are FREE and your child will get to take something home after each event! Follow along on Social Media with the hashtag #DisneyPlayDays

For the past few years, the Summer Play Days event included collecting a series of something and at the end if you have all of the collection you get a special prize. Last year, the collection featured bracelets and kicked off with a Finding Dory event you can read about here.

Disney Store Summer Play Days

This year when you participate in an event you will receive an embroidered patch.  There will be 10 different patches to collect with different characters on each. There is even a Disney Visa card holder patch featuring Mater available on June 10.  During the period of August 9 – August 20 after all the Summer Play Days have been held, if you bring in all 10 patches you collected you will receive the exclusive patch with Mickey and Minnie. We received a folder to place all our patches in at the event today.

The events typically held include fun little games for the kids including Disney Trivia, the Art of Drawing, Story Time and Showtime. our Disney Store will rotate the events.

Here is a glimpse at what the events could include:

Tangled the Series Event: Guests will learn to draw Pascal, Rapunzel’s mischievous friend. A brief introduction is given to the history of Disney Animation.

Star Wars Adventures Event: Guests are invited to participate in three activities, including defense training against Stormtroopers, Millennium Falcon flight training and writing their name in Aurebesh. Guests will receive one of two Star Wars postcards (BB-8 or Chewbacca) and Aurebesh alphabet stickers

Art of Drawing Marvel’s Spider-Man Event: Guests will learn to draw Marvel’s Spider-Man. A brief introduction is given to the history of Disney Animation, as well as an explanation of traditional and modern Disney animation.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Event: Guests will prepare for a race in Hotdog hills before they head to Italy to cheer on the Roadster Racers. Each Guest will receive their own trophy.

Princess Gathering Event: Guests will discover the Disney Princesses’ ambitions, strengths and will learn what makes each one of them special. Guests who participate will receive a special wristband.

Star Wars Storytime Event: Guests will hear the story, “Star Wars: Escape from Jakku.” Journey through the story, helping the narrators bring the story to life with interactive movements. Guests will receive a BB-8 finger puppet of their own.

Avengers Training Academy Event: Guests will take part of the Avengers Age of Ultron Training Academy to get an overview of each of the Avengers and learn their key skills and poses.

Elena of Avalor Event: Guests will use Elena’s Scepter of Light to channel the powerful magic Elena has, play and dance along with an inflatable guitar and create their own Jaquin to fly around.

The patches will be handed out each week, changing on Wednesday.

Saturday, June 10 – Lightning McQueen
Saturday, June 10 – Mater – Disney Visa Cardmember Exclusive
Wednesday, June 14 – Cruz Ramirez
Wednesday, June 21 – Pascal
Wednesday, June 28 – Storm Trooper
Wednesday, July 5 – Spider Man
Wednesday, July 12 – Jackson Storm
Wednesday, July 19 – Olaf
Wednesday, July 26 –  BB8
Wednesday, August 2 – Iron Man
Wednesday, August 9 – Stitch

Disney Diva Tip: If you miss a patch, check with a Cast Member and see if they have any leftover. Just remember to ask politely and more than likely, a Cast Member will be happy to help you out. Also, check to make sure your store is participating in the summer play days and enjoy! Each event is limited to store capacity. Each event is subject to change or cancellation.

As I briefly mentioned above, one of the perks of having a Disney Visa  is invitations to special Disney Store events. One June 10, I attended the Disney Visa card holder event to kick off the Disney Store Summer Play Days event. We were invited by email to the first play date at the Disney Store before it was open to the general public. Our event was held at 9 am, as the store opens at 10 am. I received the email event again for this year, and our event is June 10 at 9 a.m. However, it does not specify you must attend this event to receive the patch, so I would ask your store about the Mater patch if you do not attend the event. Disney Rewards sends emails to their cardholders and pre-registration is required. The store verifies everyone who attends the event is registered. You are also given a special coupon for the day, which was 15% off your in store purchase today.

Disney Store Disney Visa

Disney Visa Invite

Pictures from today’s Cars 3 Summer Play Day:

We hope your family is able to find some free summer fun at the Disney Store!