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imageHollywood Studios has many great dining opportunities that you might want to know about when planning your next Disney vacation!

Here are some of the Disney Diva Family Favorites:

Quick Service

ABC Commissary: When we’re needing a place to just sit for a while in the Air conditioning the ABC always meets the need. You can find the menu by clicking HERE. There are some very “different” kinds of foods here such as the Asian Salad, Chicken Curry and a Chicken Blue. You can also get Beer and Wine here. Prices are $15.00 and under.

Backlot Express: At the Backlot Express you can find vegetarian options and some other easy quick service meals. Again $15.00 and under

Fairfax Fare: Salads, sodas, beer and barbeque all on Sunset Boulevard. Still $15.00 and under.

Pizza Planet: We have eaten at Pizza Planet and while the food is not bad the atmosphere is not all it could be. Its very big through and can accommodate a lot of people.

Table Service

50’s Prime Time Café: I have found that your experience at 50’s Prime Time café is completely dependent on how good your waiter or waitress is. The atmosphere is very enjoyable and has many great nostalgic touches. The food is good and you can check the menu by clicking HERE. but what makes the experience “WORTH IT” is if you have a fun and interactive waiter/ waitress who really plays along with the theme of an old time 50’s family member and encourages you to get your elbows off the table, or clean your plate. It can get pretty pricey, so choose wisely.

imageSci-Fi Dine-In Theater: We have also really enjoyed the Sci-Fi Dine-In. So what makes it a favorite? Well the atmosphere is good. and its DARK and AIRCONDITIONED so its very relaxing. There’s a loop of old-timey Sci-Fi films, delicious milkshakes, and good food. You can catch a menu by clicking HERE. This is the yummy Oreo Orbiter.

Hollywood & Vine: We’ve done a Playhouse Disney character meal at Hollywood and Vine and I don’t remember thinking it was anything special on the buffets. Of course, if you have children who really love Playhouse Disney Characters like Handy Manny, Little Einstein’s or Special Agent Oso, then you might really like it.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano: We’ve not made it to Mama Melrose’s yet, but it seems to be highly acclaimed. You can check out the menu by clicking HERE. Apparently you can also do the Fantasmic Dining Package now eating at Mama Melrose’s, but we have done this package also and I’ll be honest and say it was NOT worth it to us. We still had to get there so early that we burned a lot of time we could enjoy.

Signature Dining

The Hollywood Brown Derby: We also haven’t tried the Brown Derby, but the WDW resort one is an authentic replica of the Famous Hollywood Brown Derby. There are traditional yummies like the Famous Cobb Salad and all the yummies on THIS menu.

With so many delights to enjoy at Hollywood Studios you can’t really go wrong. Bon Appetite!